Tipping Point Questions.

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Caribeing | 20:30 Fri 27th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Tipping Point Questions, get your thinking cap on
What number must be added to 10 to make a total of 16.?
In Uk Politics the abbreviation MP typically stands for what?
In the Nursery Rhyme Ba Ba Black Sheep, what comes next, “have you any?
Wedges and Mules are items designed to be worn on which part of the body?


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Q. what is the name of the detective in the Ian Rankin novels?
A. (after some thought) Sherlock Holmes.
I saw one today (although I think it might have been on the chase), which country in the UK is the furthest north??
Answer given = Yorkshire .......
Mmmm ... What is the name of the ship on mutiny on the bounty ?
I'm always amazed at some people's lack of simple general knowledge. Have they been living in a bubble all their lives, isolated from the outside world?
Me too Dave and I can't believe that some really thick people embarrass themselves by actually going on the programme like the one last night who loved herself and wanted some bits for her Porsche - ok they won but by sheer luck. She made me cringe

You watch council telly, you get council programmes.

Are they thick, or just nervous / excited?

Tipping Point isn't really setting out to be Mastermind or Brain of Britain is it?
Are you saying they didn't know the answers or gave a ridiculous answer

I am saying under the pressure of the studio lights they may have known the answer but couldn't recall it.
The problem with these programmes is that the contestants are ordinary people. Celebrity contestants out of their usual cloak, are ordinary people. When you watch Gogglebox and listen to the North East sisters speak it is obvious that 'ordinary' people do not watch Newsnight, read daily newspapers or follow world events. And it shows up on progs like TP. Geography was never my bag - I wasn't born then, etc etc etc. So sad.

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Tipping Point Questions.

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