Sue Barkers Replacement Has Been Confirmed!

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Barsel | 14:17 Thu 17th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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Hopkirk, They Think It's All Over was an imitation of AQOS
Yes it were but also remember QOS was a genuine quiz, but then later became a copy of the other BBC show TTIAO, trying to copy that success with failing viewing figures.

It failed IMO and Hoppy being a friend please don't get me started on the Frank Lampost one.
such a shame as i liked the show with sue barker, phil and matt,
she is an excellent presenter and will be missed by many, this diversity carp is a which isn't remotely funny
The three of them make a perfect show. Obviously good friends and made the show lighthearted and fun, all knowledgeable and quick witted. It won't be the same without them.
the BBC personnel who did this should be fired
BD - // Why do they always assume that ex sportsmen/women can become presenters? Does not always follow so we shall just have to wait and see. I remember when they had Sally Gunnel and Linford Christie commentating on athletics and they were both dreadful and didn't last long thank goodness. //

A valid point - skill in one area does not automatically confer skill in another.

That's not to say that the new set of skills cannot be learned - clearly they can, and there are plenty of examples.

What is wrong is the automatic assumption - which more often than not proves to be utterly without foundation.

In a similar vein, when singers try acting, and vice versa, the results are often lamentable.

The BBC has a long an seriously poor track record in this area, along with its equally misjudged habit of assuming a level of popularity for its stars that again is utterly misplaced.

That's why one or more individuals crop up on ever more shows until the penny drops, and they disappear back to, either the area for which they were known and famous, or, if terminal damage is done - to obscurity.

Remember Patrick Kielty the 'comedian'? The BBC tried seven ways from Sunday to force him onto the public, and he was universally rejected, not only for not being remotely funny, but also for not possessing anything within a country mile of an appealing personality.

The last example, to which I refer when this topic comes up - was Len Goodman.

On Strictly he was loveable old Len the cockernee 'charmer' - away from it he was an annoying old fool with a harsh accent and nothing remotely of interest to say about anything - hence all subsequent projects like a quiz and radio show, dropped and unlikely to return.

It's not rocket science! If I can see this, why can't eight-figure salary BBC executives see it?
Come on then Arksided, get started on the Frank Lampost one.

Is or was that some awful Sky programme? I don't do Sky.
I thought the programme had been axed. Won’t matter who the host is, still way past it’s sell by date .
Patrick Kielty. I was at the O2 arena for the men’s tennis year finals. He took his seat (very generous celeb chair - non stop champagne all night) as if he was the star of the show. Can’t stand him now.
These three had a much longer run at it than anyone else. I was thoroughly sick of all of them tbh.
So there is always more than one side to these things
Not confirmed apparently.
I’m not bothered. I used to like it, but past its sell-by date now.
I haven't liked Patrick Kielty since he married Cat Deeley.
QOS is just a 'past it's date' T.V. programme. Why all the fuss?
Hopkirk, if you take your eyes off Holly in 'Play to the Whistle' you'd notice Lampost was a team Captain... an unfunny ITV show:
Oh yes, I remember seeing trailers for it but it looked poor so I didn't bother. The fact they had Ms Willoughby as the presenter rather than someone who knows about sport was the warning. Presumably her husband was the show producer.
From the link:-
//A BBC Spokesperson told MailOnline: 'This is all speculation, and no conversations have been made about the future line-up.'//
King Gary has spoken.
I was right. TV Sports show "Play to the whistle" executive producer Dan Baldwin.

Holly Willoughby's husband - Dan Baldwin.
Allegedly, it was not Gary Lineker who "announced" this, but it was leaked elsewhere, and he commented on it.
And the "part of the problem" remark was supposedly in retort to some complaints. Whether that is true or not I don't know

I see Gary is taking a refugee. That will really wind some people up :-)
Wind them up? It'll *** amaze them.
He's been threatening to take one in for the last 5 years.

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