Sue Barkers Replacement Has Been Confirmed!

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Barsel | 14:17 Thu 17th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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There will come a time when a black person being appointed to a post of note will no longer attract the fuss it currently does.
If Alex Scott is going to be doing it I might start watching again and that’s nothing to do with her colour :-)
Had Sue been replaced by this lady in different circumstances no one would have turned a hair, but since the BBC announced just recently that it was earmarking £100 million to increase diversity and suddenly boots Sue out … well …. it’s a bit like in the wake of the BLM malarkey, the words to Rule Britannia weren’t being sung at the Last Night of the Proms… people kind of tend to latch on to what’s really going on…. somehow.
Looks like old “jug ears” has a point after all.

All that money being spent on diversity: it’s good to see where it’s going surely ;-)
I thought Sue's 'sacking' smacked of ageism. Ade Adepitan has got to be in with a chance of team captain.
My post in the original QOS thread:

//The problem the BBC now has, is that they have made a rod for their own back. Anybody they hire who isn't white is going to be seen as fulfilling the diversity role, whether they are a good fit for the job or not.//

Looks like I'm some kind of psychic.
Some interesting comments, Alex has a mountain to climb doesn't she?
So will all the contestants have to take the knee before the 1st round?
There will come a time when a black person being appointed to a post of note will no longer attract the fuss it currently does.

Maybe there will come a time when mixed-race people are not automatically called black.
So sad and predictable.
^ that reply was to Piggynose
//Alex has a mountain to climb doesn't she? //

I don't think so. I don't think the public will blame her for the BBC's devious sleight of hand. It’s not going unnoticed.
Agree with the comment about ex sports men etc making good presenters just because you can run fast etc kick a ball doesn’t make you a presenter. Sue was a tennis player but she was exceptional as a presenter and fitted into the role well. Same with comedians etc etc one of the worst presenters on a TV quiz show is Susan Calman.
In Alex Scott's case though, Caribeing, she has done some presenting and has done it quite well. I think she is good as a football pundit and she did present the One Show. However they are probably more tightly scripted than QoS so it remains to be seen how she handles it.
Can someone get rid of Andrew Castle from the BBC’s commentary/punditry team.
Sorry, going slightly off topic.
I must agree about Susan Calman. We both loved the show where she was travelling around Scotland as her enthusiasm and sense of fun was infectious but she is wooden on that quiz show. No spark at all.
We won't see much of her as she will be down on one
knee most of the programme
Agree with you 100% Cloverjo 21.13.
Arksided, surely They Think It's All Over was an imitation of AQOS, not the other way round.

It was more of a Mickey take, but from what I've seen of AQOS recently it became equally silly.
I'm surprised anyone wants to watch QOS or take part in it. I haven't watched it for a long time. It's become so stupid and farcical. More like a half hour pantomime for 6 year olds. I bet Sue Barker's glad she's off it.
I bet she's not. All that lovely loot just for pretending that Tuffers and the other one are witty and entertaining.

Money for old rope AND no Cliff Richard creeping about the place.

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Sue Barkers Replacement Has Been Confirmed!

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