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ToraToraTora | 10:32 Thu 17th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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one of Gulliver's comments in theblip's question below gave me an idea. Which ABers would you appoint as team captains and host?


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You and Gully as team captains, that should be entertaining. Host is irrelevant as no one is going to be able to keep you to in control.
Question Author
I think the host would have to be Andy Hughes!
//I think the host would have to be Andy Hughes//
//I think the host would have to be Andy Hughes//

Wouldn't it be better to have someone unbiased?
Question Author
oooo get you!
He'll be better off as the programme's editor.
"I think the host would have to be Andy Hughes!"

how long were you considering it would last for???
// how long were you considering it would last for???//
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Andy Hughes would an excellent host and wouldn't need a team as by the time that he had said, " good evening and welcome" would be time to bring the 30 min show to an end.
I would put Buenchico as host.

He reminds me of Stephen Fry with his intellect and knowledge.
Just don't have NJ explaining the rules. We'd be rolling the closing credits afore he'd finished :-)
Bobbisox , Naomi and ILm , as judges , just to see who has the last word.
If players could refrain from disruptive, off topic 'humourous' interjections we could return to the reason we're here.

Page one of your welcome pack has bullet points for behaviour on the panel, chief among them in my opinion is not to derail the game.

Etcetera ad nauseam.
Well, I'll definitely be in good company.
Mozz at 10.40 - why do you think I am 'biased'?

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