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ToraToraTora | 21:21 Tue 08th Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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English teacher didn't know what a funambulist does! gawd elp us!


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Walking a tightrope there then!
kinda like a somnambulist

but it is not some of the time
and more fun ....

oh lardy dah ! Christmas is coming
whatta bam indeed ! yeah righto!
Never heard of it.
Being a teacher does not necessarily equate to being highly intelligent or to possessing a great deal of general knowledge.
Question Author
.....lost £31 large on it!
Straight from Latin:

funis = rope, ambulare = to walk
Ebrybloody kno that it’s a person what make fun out ov hospitle veyiklz.
Did he/she have a lifeline?
hmm a word I use every day
I don;t think that is so unusual.

I write for a living and I consider myself above average in terms of being well-read, and it's a term I have never heard of - but then, it's hardly something that crops up in everyday conversation is it?

Hand on heart - without looking it up - do you know what an Alnager* does?

And again - if you live outside this area, you wouldn't know what a

Sagger Maker's Bottom Knocker

does - but if you asked ten people over the age of sixty in my town, nine of them could tell you.

It's just about what you come across in your life, it's no indication of intelligence - or qualification to teach.

* It's a Wool Inspector.
I was shocked that guy didn't get the parquet flooring answer. Thought everyone knew that.
What the funucular?
^ You talking to me?
retrocop - // What the funucular? //

Did you mean 'funicular' which refers to a hill or mountain cable railway?
Surely the “ambulist” in ‘funambulist’ would give you a clue.
Somnambulist etc?

I’m with TTT here.
AH, // I consider myself above average in terms of being well-read//

Just out of interest what do you consider qualifies you to claim you are above average in terms of being well-read?
Because he told us.
I'm not above anything and would have known the answer but it's not one a teacher would use every day.

My Mother used to delight in teaching us slightly unusual words.

She told us my Grandma had worked for a Tonsorial artist, which was perfectly true.
It's Saggar Maker

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