Best If Bad T.v. The 80'S

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jobjockey | 06:27 Tue 19th May 2020 | Media & TV
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What would you put in as bad T.V. of the present
output?, one candidate must surely be 'Would I lie to you'


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Every one of the soaps.
I like WILTY but hate the soaps, and things like big brother and I'm a celebrity
Best thing on tv. Repair Shop
I agree with RW except with Repair Shop. Repair Shop just seems to be a set up for an emotional tear-fest. Although I do admire the skill of the restorers. Real experts with obvious years of skill and knowledge.
Bad TV of the Eighties? The least funny comedy show of all time has to be Last Of The Summer Wine. It's still being aired on Virgin. I can't even begin to imagine what anyone ever thought was funny about it.
Yay- I agree with 10CS on something. I tried to watch Last of The Summer Wine but just didn't find it funny at all - but I had an aunt and uncle who used to fall on the floor with laughter at every episode so I know some liked it.
What's wrong with Would I Lie to You, jobjockey?
In the 70's and 80s BBC and ITV were a major part of our home entertainment- the who family would sit and watch. But now there are so many channels and so many other things to do in life that I just watch what I like and don't waste more than a few seconds on things I don't like so couldn't come up with a list of bad TV
Celebrity Juice.
The One Show,total waste of time,IMO.
the who family would sit and watch

same here but one of them would rush out to a police box from time to time, I never did find out why.
conversely, 'would i lie to you' is one of the few programmes on the tv that i watch
One man's meat........
You've Been Framed.

It's always on because it's cheap to make, but it panders to the worst of human nature.

The worst examples are of children being frightened or hurt - there is always the few seconds while the shock hits, and the child gets a breath to cry, and that's where they cut it, and the audience laugh track comes in - it's barbaric, laughing at frightened or in plain children.

Everything else is utter stupidity, and it doesn't speak well for any of us to be amused by strangers hurting themselves because they are not bright enough to have a sense of awareness and self-preservation.

I'd ban it tomorrow.
are you talking about now or the 80s?
There were some shockers in the 80s but only by modern standards. I remember as a littler person watching and liking a program called "mind your language". They showed a clip from it on one of those "tv that used to be" shows the other day and by today's standards it was jaw dropping. But it was funny in the day it was ok to laugh at racial stereotypes. The same show showed a clip of butterflies where ria was musing about "wanting to be raped". Again jaw dropping for now, probably not so then
If it is nowadays Mrs Browns boys, so not funny and I have given it a fair bat thinking I was missing something. I stopped watching soaps years and years ago so I can't comment on them.
Anything with the word celebrity and anything with members of the public trying to do things like cook, paint, dance etc..
Worst - Coronation Street, Birds of a Feather
Best - Big Deal, Nowhere Man
The worst thing on TV is Mrs Brown's Boys.

Closely followed by anything with Leigh Francis in it - Through the Keyhole, for example.
From the 80's even now I do like my quiz and some gameshows but '321' where the clues and riddles were so far removed from the prize it was totally surreal. You needed to be a member of mensa and have a lucky guess.
I love WILTY especially when Bob Mortimer is on. Worst for me is anything like The Only Way is Essex, Chelsea and the like etc, absolute tripe, then people from them (usually privileged courtesy of mummy n daddy) being referred to as Celebrities in other programs.
Question Author
well we have had many points of view
Taste is a personal thing, I thought' Would
I lie to you' very puerile, but others found it
amusing. I risk being burnt at the stake I didn't
like Porridge or open all hours, but enjoyed the
two Ronnies, and the least said about Keith Lemon the better
Anything with Simon Cowell involved. Unwatchable.

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Best If Bad T.v. The 80'S

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