The Planets

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tiggerblue10 | 16:55 Sun 09th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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....with Prof. Brian Cox is absolutely fascinating and the images taken by various satellites and probes (forgotten their technical names!) over the years are amazing and stunning. Data analysed has provided some fantastic evidence of planetary activity from billions of years ago as well.

Well worth watching if you haven't already done so :o)


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Is that the one that's interspersed with an orchestra playing various pieces ?

I saw a bit of it some days ago

Is it a series ?
I also enjoyed and learned a lot from this program. It is a series. The next episode (Jupiter) is on BBC 1 on Tuesday - 9.00pm.
Correction should be BBC2.
Yes, a series. The first two were on the terrestrial planets and the remaining (how many?0 will be on the gas giants.
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I think there are 5 episodes in the series and first 2 should be available on iPlayer/catch up.
I can't do with Brian Cox, he gives me the willies, I think he looks like a female impersonator.
My niece when she was at Manchester used to turn up to his lectures tho she wasn’t doing physics. As did many others I think :-)
I have The Planets on record ...
and yet he says you write quite nicely, andy, for a 12-year-old
Gas giant.
jno - // and yet he says you write quite nicely, andy, for a 12-year-old //


Calm down dear!!!
As I said about him on another thread: can't stand his voice and simpering delivery. And soon he's doing a tour of a big live show.
Get back to Manchester University and do some work!
I've only seen the first of these but I will watch the rest. Very good.
I don't think he has a simpering delivery, I think he is talented and passionate - I would've loved as my physics teacher.
Intelligent, charismatic man, who looks good too ! Not seen all the programmes, but what I have is thrilling.
// used to turn up to his lectures tho she wasn’t doing physics.//
blimey !
one of the lakeland poets used to turn up to Sedgwicks lecture on Geology ( Cge ) to restock his supply of metaphors. that would be 1835

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The Planets

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