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Maydup | 11:52 Sun 09th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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I'm not sure where to start with podcasts. No doubt there are searchable sites or applications through which I can access podcasts, but I would welcome some tips for a beginner from people who listen to podcasts regularly. My interests would be arts and culture, biographies, local news and history and heritage. If that all makes any difference!


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I listen to Podcasts every day. If you have an iPhone, just search for whatever interests you in the App. BBC have thousands on whatever subject you like. I listen to Global News Podcast which gives you 2 a day with all the latest international news that you may not hear about on the TV, The Documentary,The Inquiry, Witness History, and many more all from BBC. Mysteries Abound and Originz are fascinating, and I also listen to a few American ones, by Parcast Network. Cults is good. If you like them, just clik on Subscribe
By the way, I also listen to The Archers podcast every morning, the previous day's episode.
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Thanks Sam, i have ventured into the Podcast app, but it does feel as if you need to know what your searching for, rather than being able to wander around and find some inspiration. Good idea to try the BBC, that narrows things down a bit. Is ther a way to search by category rather than key word do you know?

Does anyone else have any podcast recommendations?
could this be any help?

I love the idea of a Ghibliotheque
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Every little helps jno! Thank yiu
I use an app called podbean as well as BBC.
If you find a podcast you like the hosts sometimes have their own websites with more content.
You can search by genre and by popular apps. you can search for people, programmes etc.
I do look for lists such as jno posted as well, for inspiration at times
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Thanks chelle, I'll check it out.

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