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Sqad | 21:22 Mon 18th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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What is the point of having a 91 year old competing?
Short term memory loss, was embarrassing and unnecessary.


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Interesting point - should there be upper age limits on certain things do you think?
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I don't think so Mamy, but surely common sense might come into play particularly filtering in the rehearsals.
It does cut down on the 'that's a bit before my time Bradley' that spills from the lips of some of the foetuses who try it. :-)
Brad was so lovely with her. He's a star!

Had I been one of the winning contestants, I would have suggested that she would receive the £1000 that she 'won'. £5000 each and £1000 for her.
Dumbed down tv. 91 shouldn’t he be somewhere less challenging?
> Interesting point - should there be upper age limits on certain things do you think?


David, actually it was a she and she was quite 'switched on' but she came second to the chaser.
Older people might have more knowledge and experience but it’s harder to drag facts out under time pressure. I guess she’d have been useful in the final chase on pushbacks.
Yes she had all her faculties but a bit slow ... At least the team won in the end.
By the way is there anyone else who cannot stand Mark Labbett. With that smirk on his face, I can't watch the programme when he is on.
Yes. Only good on the pushbacks and the fact they would have got an extra head start position in the final chase. Bless her.
I missed it!!!!!

However people have built up less in the cash builder! Let her have her moment I say!! Its an extra head start!

(Mabye I’ll change my mind when I watch it!!)
I missed it too. Grrr

She was unlucky to get questions on teenage mutant ninja turtles, and Twitter.
^ big fan.
I also thought Bradley was lovely with her, but she didn't stand much of a chance. But it was lovely for her. I hope my faculties are as good when/if I reach 91.
Tilly I said the same thing to my OH.
I dont like that girl Vixen - pompous
Surely the most pointless comment has to be 'before my time' - so were the dinosaurs but I could hazard a guess. Maybe it should be called 'The Chase consisting of answers since I was old enough to remember them'
That always annoys me too lankeela, as though they expect anything of any significance to have occurred only after they were born.

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