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The Chase…. Haha

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smurfchops | 17:19 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Don't want to rain on TTT's parade... but... what are the first names of presenters Madeley and Finnegan?    Answer. ...Ben...    



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Oh dear...

Ben Madeley, the screenwriter?

Ben Finnegan, the Irish 'EPIC Global gaming and escorts agent'?

No, the presenters.

i'm just being daft, douglas....

One of my favourite I ever heard was on Family Fortunes :

Q. Name a bird with a long neck

A. Naomi Campbell

Another cracker - Helen Flanagan, the Coronation Street actress, on celebrity 'The Weakest Link', given a choice between chalk and cheese, answered that the white cliffs of Dover are made of cheese......I bet the producer said, 'E-damn'....

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Helen Flanagan does look a bit dopey ...

OK, I admit it.

I've just had to google the answer to the question in Smurfchop's original post. (I hardly ever watch telly).

One for the weekly quiz?

I suppose if you don't know who they are 'Ben' is a reasonable guess... kind of....

Better than a pass, as I always say. 

I thought it was Bill and Ben.

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The Chase…. Haha

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