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Who Was Your Greatest Cowboy Hero ?

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redman41 | 11:34 Wed 16th May 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Was it John Wayne, Glenn Ford, Alan Ladd, Gary Cooper, Richard Widmark, or anyone else.John Wayne was always John Wayne, no matter which Film he starred
'True Grit' springs to mind, especially when they made the re-make in 2010, starring Jeff Bridges.
He became the Rooster Cogburn character (Brilliant Actor), whereas John Wayne was still himself.
I find most of the modern day re-makes far better, because of better technical equipment.


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Clint is the man!
John Wayne!
Gary Cooper for me.
Roy Rogers - local cinema every Saturday morning.
I liked Glenn Ford.
Gary Cooper was good in High Noon.
The Cisco Kid. ABC Minors every Saturday morning. With his mate Pancho.;FORM=IGRE
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Yes, Clint Eastwood in a Few Dollars more Trilogy. Don't forget William Boyd as Hopalong
When I was very young my first love was Ty Hardin - Bronco Lane
I did like Alan Ladd too.
Ohh Pancho……...Ohh Ceesco. :))
When I was young - I used to enjoy the "Sudden" books
I assume your'e talking about Westerns , general .

Clint Eastwood and John Wayne .

Rio Bravo with John Wayne i think is one of his best

Hang 'Em High - Clint Eastwood ( so many to choose )
tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove.
Clint for me too!
Jimmie Stewart was more believable than a lot of the others...

Gregory Peck in A Big Country...

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Interesting choices. Very varied, but that's what it's all about...
On a more grown up point. Besides the great portrayals of "cowboys" already mentioned Henry Fonda could put in a great representation. Also the likes of William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, and Victor Mature played key parts in some very good westerns.
Jack Palance. Think it was because he was my Dad's favourite.
Sharon Stone in the Quick and the Dead
Jane Fonda Cat Ballou
I like a lady in chaps.....

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Who Was Your Greatest Cowboy Hero ?

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