Cute little kitten on Big brother last night? (27th july)

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Blinky | 10:06 Wed 27th Jul 2005 | Media & TV
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Hi, does anybody have a clue as to what breed the cat was last night?? I thought it might be a persian but on looking at further pictures i don't think it was.
Cheers everyone!


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Don't watch BB, so any links to a picture?

I'm hazarding that it may be a  British Blue?

Yes I thought it was a British Blue
It was SO cute but I'm not exactly thrilled they were allowed to use an animal as a prize toy to give the housemates. I bet the show gets loada letters of complaint. It must have been scared.
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I've just been looking at the pictures and i'm acutally not that sure it is a british blue as the fur looks too short.
I have looked up more of these in google and the fur looks too thick. Unless they have long haired versions?

You're right, British Blues have much shorter coats. 

I don't think this cat was a pedigree as he looked absolutely identical to my cat when he was a kitten, and he was just a moggy from a rescue centre!  Everyone loved him so much that on the day he was old enough to be homed we had to start queing at 4am outside the cattery to make sure we got him!  You should have seen all the disappointed people that turned up at 6am! :-p

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I suppose that's true, I used to have a grey cat that wasn't a pedigree and looked almost identical to BB's one, except she had a pure white patch on her chest. We managed to get her from a neighbour who had the most gorgeous kittens.

Dont have her any more tho, cause naughty neighbour started feeding her tuna and she decided that that was obviously a lot nicer than what we were feeding her and lives in his house now. I was sooo angry with my neighbour!!

The reason i asked in the first place is because my boyfriends wants to get a new kitten and fell in love with the one last night so wanted to know if it was a particular breed.
Thanks for everyone's suggestions anyway. :0)

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By the way, that last post was supposed to say my boyfriend - NOT boyfriends - i'm happy with just the one!!!!!

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Cute little kitten on Big brother last night? (27th july)

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