Mintys real name in EE

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Dom Tuk | 11:34 Wed 27th Jul 2005 | Media & TV
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Yesterday they revealed Mintys real name in eastenders. First one to post it is a winner.


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That's too easy! It's Rik Peterson.
Darnit! So close!
So why�s he called Minty then? He doesn�t look very minty � looks like he needs a good wash if you ask me!
isnt it weird when you think back to when minty first appeared in easties, he was the old hard man who ran the shelter type thing which janine and pat lodged in.
Same as Billy BEL, he used to knock Jamie about and was a complete basket, and now is loveable, soft as sh*te Billy.


Phil gave him the nickname minty because he was always late for work.

He was always in after eight!

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yeah he,s currently being stashed away by me andi cant disclose that information sorry.
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Mintys real name in EE

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