Worst Hair and Worst Ad on TV

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smurfchops | 09:38 Wed 27th Jul 2005 | Media & TV
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Who do you think has the Worst Hair on TV at the moment... and what do you think (apart from the frog) is the Worst Advert??  Much as I like her programme (Streets Ahead) I think Sarah Beeney's hair is AWFUL.  And the worst ad is Walkers Sensations with Tara Palmer Tompkinson and Gary Lineker as opera singers.  What do you think ABers??


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I think the advert with the germs in the airport is a bit too gross for my liking. not an 'bad' advert though i suppose. any hair advert or that one with june whitfield in for 'SunLife insurance' or something.

Hair wise...that guy from big brother's big mouth.

Worst advert- there is surely no contest. Anything with that bleeding elephant in. Actually, the man who repeats 'elephant dot co dot uk' is much worse than the elephant. Awful! Awful! Arrrgggghhhhh!

Worst hair? Random...umm, Big Mo?

Worst ad is the one with Jack Nicklaus pestering the guy on holiday to play golf with him.

Worst hair has to be Makosi on big brother, it looked great at first but now it's falling apart.

i think the worst advert has to be the Sunsilk shampoo advert - wash your gremlins out of your hair - its awful those little gremlins make my skin crawl.  Especially the one with its tongue out Eughhhhh!!!  

No no no, it has to be picture loans - "oh yeah, how much do we want to borrow again"..... aarrrrrggggghhhhh!

Worst hair: my gf like's it, but whats with the medusa-like moppy snake head sported by Chrissie Watts on DeadEnders??

Worst advert - the Barclays one with the bloke getting stung in the mouth. Hideous.

Or the Burger King(?) one with the Neil Diamond sound-alike - "�1.99-ah, they're only �1.99-errr". Snort. Or possibly the Lombard Direct one with that chuffin' blue cartoon phone and the brain-dead woman grinning and nodding at it while she's perched on the sofa. Oh, and ANY and EVERY ad for loan sharks and ambulance chasers.

Worst hair? AInsley Harriott :-)
Worst hair - some of the female presenters on BBC News.  It's not bad hair as such, just far to feathery and overdone looking.  You're presenting the news love, not going clubbing!
Worst advert - I'm with georgit79 on elephant-dot-co-dot-uk.  Aaarrggghhh!  There's also a new one for Nivea lip gloss that is really badly dubbed and basically implies that if you use lip gloss blokes will fall at your feet!  Just terrible!

Worst ad - the car insurance one - (but I also agree with georgit about the elephant one!!)  In fact, come to think of it ALL the ads for insurance and loans are pretty dire.

Worst hair - I'm with dk - the guy from big brother's big mouth.

Those blooming Esure ads with Michael Winner made me want to break the TV - thankfully they came to their senses and took him off.
It really depends on what you define as �a bad advert� They are doing what they are meant to do  You are talking about them
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OK let's re-phrase that.  What is the Most Annoying Advert on TV? -- and who has the Most Annoying Hairstyle??
Woodsz - I've heard this logic before but I don't really see it myself. Yes, we're talking about the ads but that doesn't necessarily mean we're buying their products or using their services. Some people may even be put off doing so by an advert they don't like. That's assuming, of course, that people remember what the advert is for. The bee sting in the mouth one, for example, I only know is for Barclays because someone else mentioned it in another thread.

A good ad IMO is one which you remember for the right reasons (e.g. it makes a claim it can back up or it makes you smile, not that it annoys or disgusts you), makes it clear what is being advertised, and makes you want to spend your money on the product or service in question.
Guinevere is right about the lip gloss ad (again, I didn't know it was Nivea).  The faces she pulls at the end when she is pleased with herself?  It is the gurning thats getting you noticed, woman!
I posted a similar question many moons ago about adverts and had great fun with some of the answers, its a good subject isn't it.    I too hated Michael Winner on e sure, and those girls with their mouths full singing yuk. Bad hair style is easy Paddy from Emmerdale, it just has to be a syrup, and why oh why does the ear wax advert have to be on when I am having my tea, that at the fungally toe nails, gross.

I'm with Octavius on the Picture Loans advert, but the most annoying one at the moment is the excruciatingly badly dubbed Cremosa lollipops one, reminds me of the Kinder adverts when I was a kid, or Heidi for that matter lol

Hair...hmm...have to agree again and say Makosi.  That weave is looking very dog-eared.

Phil Tufnell's latest batch of loans adverts where he's talking to the 'staff' are perhaps the worst of a very bad bunch. They make me cringe thinking about them. And the "Hi I'm Barry Scott" Cillit Bang adverts are so bad I thought they were a spoof, and I'm still not convinced they're not.
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I've just thought of another one - the one where you can get a loan and help to buy your own local authority house.  The people in the ad didn't know how to.. Hello!  how about just asking the local authority?.. doh.  And at the end when the woman says "This is MY hoose"  hee hee hee ... Cringe

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