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Jemisa | 15:46 Tue 20th Aug 2013 | Media & TV
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Those pics in the paper today of little Georgie Porgie aren't they beautiful? Mum & Dad look good too.



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Yes, I agree Jem, they're lovely. Don't know what some people are complaining about!
Yes and so pleased he is pictured with the family dog. Bet that won't be got rid of because of the birth of the child like many do!
Yes they are lovely photos, so natural.
I think they are lovely. i hate the criticisms of professional photographers - they are family photos and look great.
I think they are lovely! Makes a refreshing change, I echo your thoughts Lankeela.
Have you seen what that dog's called? Copy cats!
It is Tony.
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I heard it was Kate's brother who took the photo's.

It was Kate`s father that took them

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Georgie Porgie...

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