Has Rodders Got A Point Here?

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ToraToraTora | 12:49 Tue 20th Aug 2013 | Media & TV
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No he's talking rubbish

The thick of it started with less than 300,000

One and a half million by series 4 and more awards than you can shake a stick at.

With minority channels like BBC3 there's lots of scope for it.
I think it would get made but the problem is - have we got the writers capable of such high quality at the moment? I think not.
A minority view I know, but I think it's a pity Horses was ever made in the first place! Dire.
I'll duck now for all the brickbats I'll get.
Isn't he a bit on the youthful side to be joining the doddery old 'uns in New Tricks?
I do think that there is a pattern of set formulas, that tentatively tested and then there becomes a deluge of the same ting with different titles. Off the top of my head nurses/policemen/RSPCA being watched doing their jobs, midwives doing their jobs, weddings being organised by someone other than the bride, rooms or gardens being overhauled in ever shorter times, cookery shows with stupid time limits imposed (I want 300 cupcakes with 73 different flavours, you’ve got 1 hour, go!) ......
I must say I agree with him up to a point.

All these so called celebrity this, that & the other shows are a complete bore IMO, as are all the talent shows. The only reason there are a proliferation of the lifestyle programmes with police, doctors, nurses, rescue services, gardeners, cooks, home makeovers etc, etc etc, are made is because they are relatively cheap to make with no so called "TV stars" to pay. A number of these "stars" are now resorting to presenting these types of show now that they are out of work. The likes of Martin Clunes & Caroline Quintin spring to mind touring the world making travel type documentaries.

There are around 25 million registered TV sets in the UK. If 7 million watch a talent show then up to 18 million are watching something else or have switched off.

Rodders could be an ex policeman at age 51. If he had joined the police before he was 21 he could have retired on full pension after 30 years service. With a bit of make up they will make him look a bit older maybe. People joining the police since 2006 must wait until they are 55 to retire on full pension.

Whilst I'm sorry to see Alun Armstrong & Amanda Redman leave New Tricks I'm looking forward to Rodders and Tamzin Outhwaite joining the team. I will also be sorry to see Susan Jameson leave the programme. She gets the best lines most of the time.

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That goodnight what ever was a great asset to tele viewing ......aye sure

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Has Rodders Got A Point Here?

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