Eden Lake

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notasyoungasiwas | 14:31 Wed 17th Aug 2011 | Film
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Did anybody watch this film on TV last night? Made my blood run cold !


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Anybody ... ??

Very good of its genre i thought - but then Kelly Reilly is very watchable IMHO.

Also, its bleak ending contrasted with what one might imagine a Hollywood version would offer up.
I've seen it before. Quite toe-curling.
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It's the ending that got me - I somehow thought she'd get away, but ended up with the boys families - poor girl !!
Take comfort from the likelihood that they would get caught eventually.

Friends of the couple knew they were going to a disused quarry up north, lots of kids disappeared and it would be hard to explain how the boyfriend got himself tied up and burned to death or the gang member ended up with Brett's trainer marks embedded in his head ...
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Did you see a similar film (I think it was foreign) of a young couple who went to a deserted house for a weekend away and they were terrorised by a group of youths and eventually killed? True story apparently.
Yes. French. Can't remember the title.
My son will know i'll ask him later.
And he did - walking film encyclopaedia.

Film is french - english title: Them.
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Thank you Zeuhl - that's the one! Knows his stuff your son ...
Having just read the plot on Wiki, I think not! Defnitely nightmare fodder.
We just watched that film last night...quite disturbing! Not the MOST violence I've ever seen in a movie, but quite psychologically moving. I thought I might get nightmares from seeing it, but luckily (so far) I haven't.
I think the main point the writer of the film was making was that we are all a product of our upbringing (at the end we see how the chavs parents are just as bad as they are, just as willing to kill the teacher.) Good movie, but wouldn't watch it again, it did make my toes curl at some points, and I am a veteran horror film watcher!
As utepoot I watched it once, but when it came on TV again recently, I couldn't bear to watch it a second time - very harrowing film.

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Eden Lake

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