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Neighbours Log Cabin Beside My Wobbly Tree

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Mike25 | 23:49 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | Law
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My neighbour bought a new log cabin and had it installed right beside our property line and a tree that if fell would destroy his cabin. I assume if it falls I'll have to pay for the damage? Should I have it cut down? 



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depends where you are and what local laws apply, but you were there first. Did you tell him it was wobbly?

Question Author

I only noticed it swaying in the wind today. The ground was moving around it. My wife says I should leave it but I beg to differ


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I've just answered my own question I think

I don't suppose installing the cabin damaged the tree's root system?

If the tree is wobbly it's best to have it down for every one's sake. You don't want it falling on anyone or their property.

If I were your neighbour and the tree came down on my fence or log cabin I would probably trot round and sympathise and ask for details of your insurer.

His insurance should pay, or yours if the worst.

If the ground is moving the roots are loose, it needs to be cut down before it falls down.  You can always plant another

log cabin is one thing ... what if your wobbly tree falls on a person? it doesnt matter if they did something to the roots on their side - they are entitled to

Have your tree examined by a professional tree expert. His/her opinion will determine whether or not your tree should stay or go.

If your tree falls on the log cabin.  Hope your neighbours are in it at the time.  Problem solved 🤪

your local council might have a tree officer you could ask.

tree officer!  What branch?

qould you be  negligent if you know it was wobbly , didnt cut it  down and it  crushed the  cabin plus or minus little chldren pretending to be elves inside?

pretty obviously yes - so cut it down.

and the dog


god if you have seen wa-bool I wd cut to the er saw

I see you've twigged, dusty. I had a wobbly laburnum by the front fence but as this is a conservation zone I had to ask coucil permission to remove it. The tree officer said "God yes, asap". It might have fallen on his constituents.

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I had the tree topped today to take the weight off while leaving enough to still maintain some privacy.

Well done 

Have you checked whether there is a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) for your tree?  If so you need permission to do anything, even to chop branches off. You should be able to find out on your council's website

if it's that important, Mike could offer to donate the tree to the National Trust in lieu of death duties?

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Neighbours Log Cabin Beside My Wobbly Tree

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