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I did JS over 40yrs ago and would do it again. The 1st case was in the News of the World, so you can guess what it was about. 

the only one I've done involved a dog trainer thumping a customer (the owner, not the dog). It failed to make the papers.

In short, you can only avoid it entirely in exceptional circumstances.

Anyway, why would you want to avoid it?

I've been wanting all my life to do jury service - but I've never been called.  😥

Be neither Jourdain, me neither!

I got called up a few years ago .... then Covid started and most court cases were postponed indefinitely .... and that was the end of that  :(

I was excused jury duty on health grounds.  I had to get my doctor to submit a letter.

I got out of it once - legitimately - by saying I was going to be on holiday; nobody asked to see my booking form.

We'd be in a right mess if people didn't do it.  It's our duty surely unless there is a genuine reason for not doing it?

Perhaps the OP will try that then jno.

//Anyway, why would you want to avoid it?//

Some people run a business or are otherwise self employed. Every day away from that is money lost.

Other than that, I agree. I did it once and was pleased to do it.

i dont jury service twice

1st time in 1980 felt like the film 12 angry men! 

2nd time, just sat around all week!

I was a one-man business at the time and got called to serve in December which really was my busiest period, so pleaded mitigating circumstances and was excused. Got another call up in January! No escape and I'm glad I did it. I got made foreman of the jury (because I was the only one wearing a jacket and tie) AND I got to take home a beautiful fellow juror - alas I was 'not guilty' of anything).

We should do it if called.

tomus in the circumstances you mention a person may well be excused.

If you were to return the jury summons with a covering letter explaining that your life experiences gave you a very negative view of the police, and therefore thought this would disqualify you – I would think that there is fair chance they would agree.

Be 36 weeks pregnant when they call you up. They weren't keen on having hot water and towels at the ready.

I have been called for jury service three times

oddly you can get out of it if you have a holiday booked... i suppose it is just because they don't want to reimburse flights 

i must say it is not a very pleasurable experience in my view but someone has to do it and it's only fair that we all share the burden

Only called on jury service once. Horrific case of a young man working in a local paper mill.He got caught up in the machinery and died . 

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