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Cannabis Smell

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JBW1366 | 16:10 Thu 21st Dec 2023 | Law
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I have lived in my erraced for 5 years, but my neighbour was recently placed into a nursing home, his daughter sold his house and someone brought it, modernised it and rented out. The new tenants are a mother and 2 x teenage daughters. Non of them work - but that is not the problem and not my business. But, what is my problem is that from morning to night the smell of cannibis or whatever is over powering.. I work from home and when I have my windows open i feel quite odd, and want to be sick. Friends have been round and trademens and they must think its us as the smell lingers. They are not particulary friendly and I feel I can't approch them - and I do not know the owner - does anyone have any suggestions as its making life at home horrible - I know some would like it / embrace it but I / we hate it.

I don't wnt problems with neighbours and we can't afford or want to move we have done so much work and love our house. Please help.



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Captain2, the OP has answered you...on the earlier, same problem, thread.

I don't see the harm in smoking cannabis in moderation - apart from the affect it has on health, physical and mental.

I do see the harm in society from the criminal activity of drug pushers and users.  I see the harm in people driving under the influence of cannabis.  I see the danger in people operating machinery after smoking it.   I see the harm in smoking it around babies and children. 

My neighbours' smoke it occasionally and I wouldn't dream of reporting them but I would if it affected me or my family.  

And theres many an old lady been beaten to the floor for their handbag, and some of them suffer broken bones, because some idiot wants a fix.

I'm with you there  Barry.  And it applies to tobacco as well.  To be honest some prescribed drugs are far stronger as I know on ly too well.  It doesn't mean that if you smoke canabis you will go on to the stronger substances.  It depends on the person and/or  the peer group  they mix with.  

If you enjoy wine and other alcoholic beveragex it doesn't mean you turn into an Alcoholic.  

Not exactly The French Connection though.

One might be surprised at the lack of action from the thin blue line.

Maybe that thin blue line is thinner due to years of cut backs in the police force. They can only be streached so far. Hence they tend to target the grow factory rather then run around for the odd user. Stop the supply, stop A LOT of odd users in one go.

I'm not so sure about that Nicebloke.  We had a grow next door to us a few years ago.  I reported it to the police several times.  It still took them about 3 months to do a raid.

It seems that marijuana of today is a lot stronger than it was in the past - as reported on here;

I'm not surprised Douglas!!

I think they turn a blind eye.

We had one too Barmaid over the fields in the next village, next to the pub!!  Apparently there for years.

I think I'm with Lottie and Barry on this. My neighbours smoke frequently outside(block of maisonettes with shared upper walkway/balcony. No antisocial behaviour unless you include the extremely rare instances of a bit too much to drink. None of them are headed down the so called slippery slope to much harder drugs...and I've seen plenty of that when I was working at the drop-in. Most people only use it recreationally...and are not likely to be robbing pensioners.

If it was impacting my quality of life or that of any other residents I'd have a word first...give them a chance to adjust behaviour. 

Maybe the OP could post an anonymous note through the neighbours door...make them aware that it's noticed and is illegal. 

Barmaid 17.01. It somtimes does take time the reason being is they try and link them up to other grows that they know of so they can arrest a bigger gang. But the likes of you and me are not going to recieve that information at the time, so it appears they are dragging their feet.


'The article is by 'The Gt Yarmouth Council' - who he?'

I don't understand?

CL ; Would you seek legal advice from a town council?

Yes because it initially came from the Government on this sort of issue.  It was standard advice  And it was the  correct advice.  I just misunderstood.  


CL.  Birmingham Council (for example) are so incompetent that they are in debt to the tune of one million pounds a day. I wouldn't seek their advice on anything at all.

As you don't reside in this country, its hardly surprising you wouldn't approach Birmingham Council for advice!

bednobs: I doubt that the person quoting the views on law by the Gt Yarmouth Town Council resides there either.

but lotties does live innorfolk, doest she?

Yes nobs she does.

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Cannabis Smell

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