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Is It A Big Concearn

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teacake44 | 12:42 Sun 04th Aug 2019 | Law
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I don't know much about cannabis, apart from it being addictive, as nicotine is, and it can effect people in different ways, and can lead to harder drugs, I know its been discussed on here before, however my question is, if it is made legal in the near future, and parents smoke it around their children, ( and that may be happening already) can the children become addicted to it just from the smell of it around them. Thanks in advance.


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I doubt it. I've been around the smell of pickled onions and furniture polish all my life and am addicted to neither.
I don't believe it is classed as addictive at all otherwise most people born in the 40s 50s 60 70s 80s 90s etc would all be crackheads by now :-)
The children certainly might be more prone to trying it of course.
No. It's not very addictive either.
//I don't believe it is classed as addictive at all otherwise most people born in the 40s 50s 60 70s 80s 90s etc would all be crackheads by now :-) //

Not if they had half a brain in the first place. :-)
Medical cannabis is not smoked, it's a liquid.


Cannabis: the facts - NHS

Research shows that 10% of regular cannabis users become dependent on it. Your risk of getting addicted is higher if you start using it in your teens or use it every day. As with other addictive drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, you can develop a tolerance to cannabis. This means you need more to get the same effect.

The link
The stink should be enough to put anyone off. It's vile!
Drugs were not passed around freely in the 40/50s like they are today. First to appear in our area was in the mid-60s and that was LSD on sugar lumps. There were several deaths then because those on it were hallucinating and throwing themselves through upstairs windows or off rooftops. Never heard of cannabis back then.
//First to appear in our area was in the mid-60s and that was LSD on sugar lumps.//

I had never heard of cannabis until the mid 60's. I recall my father coming home quite pleased with himself just before Christmas. He had been a dog handler but became a Temporary DC in CID after his dog was retired. He and his mate stopped a Canadian in Harrow Road W.9 carrying a large package. Everyone was carrying packages at the time it was just before Xmas. They found about 10kgs of cannabis inside. That amount was peanuts by today's standards but was,at the time, rated the largest drug haul in London. I recall asking my father what was cannabis and what's wrong with it?
A guess and a smiley, gracious.
Oh dear lynne did that offend your delicate constitution? You must of fallen off your fence with the shock.
It's like smokers. They know, by now, it's injurious but continue to smoke.
With all the so called celebrities dropping like flies from OD of drugs you can't tell me no one is aware of the dangers. Only this week a young Kennedy died from a OD. Even that may of been prescribed drugs but anyone taking illicit drugs with no known provenance are brain dead and do not deserve sympathy imo.
See the film Reefer Madness

quite fun and untrue. Addiction - clearly heroin addiction and morphine 'exist' - lab rats etc - but then one finds with other drugs - mix and match and any sort will do. It may not be the drug ( well it is with morphine) but the addictive personality. I had a neighbour like that ( dead now) - they will snort anything - drano and furniture polish

Reefer madness - clearly some mad people smoke / snort drugs. And the drugs may have driven innocent hard working people MAD ! - alternatively they might have had problems in the first place and sought solace in drugs

I have NO idea how you sort this sort of thing out
// I had never heard of cannabis until the mid 60's.//
jesus what sheltered lives the police led in those halcyon days

anyway - no droogz until sex starts in 1964 - - - er nooooo
cocaine very popular in the twenties - along with opium dens and comes up in the racy literature
Modern - see Peaky Blinders
older - Margot Metroland ( who she den, den?) - are you unhappy my dear? I think I can help! to a bright young thing in Vile Bodies(*) that she is planning to ensnare with opium and kidnap onto the White Slave trade.
Noel Coward - oh I made him an addict ( in the play) to make it more interesting - not sure which one that was
Evelyn Waugh in real life was addicted to choral. ugh

me auld da' who was an observer of the Bloomsbury set ( 1930s) but not a participant ( no money ) said of chloral - oh yes they used to disguise the smell with peppermint cordial ....

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Is It A Big Concearn

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