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Cannabis Advice Please!

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Smowball | 21:23 Wed 02nd Nov 2016 | Law
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No I'm not taking it and never have!! I've discovered that someone very close to me is growing it in their garage behind a secret wall, and then harvesting it and selling it. It's meant to be a one off thing but I'm really shocked. I had no idea as I have no sense of smell. I've told them( it's the man doing it but woman knows) how stupid they are being, and the woman isn't happy about it at but he says he's just doing it to get some money for the family. Apart from being worried sick for them it suddenly occurred to me - what on earth would happen if the police turned up whilst I was there?? Would I be arrested??


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Hopefully yes, just for leaving them to get on with it.
most likely !
He could go down if he's caught by the police. Or, get a beating from a rival drug dealer!
//what on earth would happen if the police turned up whilst I was there?? Would I be arrested?//

Nope - why would you think that?

Just chill.
Question Author
Very helpful Baldric.
I would put distance between thee and they and tell them why....they WILL be discovered sooner or later !
everyone on the premises if raided will be deemed to be part of the set up ..initially anyway...walk away from this
Question Author
I've told them I can't believe how stupid they are being and I'll keep doing so. I'm not going round there till they pack it in.
for the best smow...they WILL be discovered sooner or later
//I'm not going round there till they pack it in.\\

Might that be an incentive for them to keep on growing it;-))

Smow @ 20:27, what did you want me to say?
by letting them get on with it you are condoning it, get real.
Question Author
It's not that simple.....

Do tell,
Can you not tell by Smow's OP that she isn't condoning it?
Depends on how many plants there are, if it's not many they would probably get off with a slap on the wrist by saying it is for personal use.
Give them an ultimatum, pack it in or I'm not visiting any more.

You'd certainly be interviewed if a raid took place whilst you were at the property.

ummmm @ 20:35, if she is leaving them to do it of course she is!
I grew it once in my garden. I had no idea at first what it was. Such a Fab plant. The smell gave it away in the end. I wanted to keep it but the old man dug it up and took it to the tip... I'm surprised that the two coppers either side of me never noticed it though. Good luck Smow, hope you get it sorted x
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I've not seen the plants and I don't want to. No idea how many.

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