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malagabob | 13:38 Tue 17th May 2022 | Law
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Is it a criminal act, to threat someone with exposing their criminal past to family, friends and the wider public, for monetary gain, even if the criminal past is genuine.


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Yes, causing distress or alarm is a criminal offence as is blackmail
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Thanks barry
this is blackmail

I dont want to do the statute chapter and verse bit - clearly unlawful ( monetary gain)

OK attempted blackmail

On a difft tack, one of my neighbours had a shady past and said - years ago, "You know Coleen ( you know Coleeeeeen, that one!) she lost her phone. "
and I said - handling stolen goods
and he said " no no, listen. someone found it and thought Oh I will ring them and charge a return fee"
and I said and they were done for handling
" yeah how you know dat?"

and here it is....

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