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lynbrown | 12:17 Fri 19th Jun 2020 | Law
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My factoring agency recently emailed out my quarterly invoice to the wrong addressee. When I said I had not received the expected invoice, that's when it emerged it had been wrongly sent. When I told them to resend it to me, at correct address, they did so but also copied in the wrong addressee again! This person has now emailed me to say he has my banking details that were included in my invoice! It was not a threatening email, just highlighting how stupid my factor has been in twice emailing the wrong person. The factor has apologised. i am livid, can I do anything else to show how annoyed I am?


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what sort of thing were you thinking? - a naked protest outside the agency perhaps?
Unless it was your PIN or you CVV number, you can't possibly have any loss from it - bank details are shown every time you have written a cheque to anybody
Change the agency?
If your banking details are simply sort code and account number I think that sort of info is often easy to find -eg on any cheques - so i'm not sure the risks was increased sgnificantly
They have breached the Data Protection Act which is actually a criminal offence. I would probably just remind them of that fact and tell them to train their staff to be more efficient.
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Thanks for reassuring replies.
// what sort of thing were you thinking? - a naked protest outside the agency perhaps?//

bit of a jerky answer to be honest
there wouldnt be a market for this sort of thing if it were worthless

first of all - you havent suffered a loss so you dont have a claim in civil law - - - but
ask them to show you how they will stop this happening again
complain to the Information Commissioner

and no anyone I send a cheque to - I dont expect them to do anything with the data xc secure payment
// and tell them to train their staff to be more efficient.//

no insist they show you how they have changed things so it doesnt happen again - this is clearly not a one off
This person also has your e-mail address.

I would ask the factor to take a screenshot of the system they use, showing your details with the correct e-mail address on it.

Was the other person's e-mail address similar to yours? If no, where did they get it from?.
I got an email from a hospital in Peterborough (I live near Portsmouth) about an old dear who lived only a half mile from me that I didn’t know who had eye surgery. It was her discharge notes and some other medical information.

I phoned the hospital and they asked me to print it off and take it round to her. I did point out several times that it had been sent to me in error but she was adamant that I take it round. I even phoned the GP surgery and they said to take it round.

I took it round in an envelope and on the outside explained why I was posting it and that she might like to make a data protection complaint.

Eventually I got a call from the hospital and GP to say they were sorry about the mix up. I just said don’t apologise to me apologise to the old dear round the corner.

Funnily enough yesterday I got an email from another hospital asking if I can spare any of the medical PPE I was distributing. ..... I don’t have any and havent distributed any.

I think I’m on some rouge medical mailing list now.

Leaving aside the fact that bednobs is right and your bank details are on every cheque you send, am I the only one who can't quite comprehend why YOUR bank details are on THEIR invoice? Normal practice is to send an invoice with your own bank details on it so that someone can pay you direct to your account. Sending something to a customer with the customer's bank details on it is pretty pointless. They already know those!

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