Are The Lib Nondems Now Illegal?

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ToraToraTora | 15:36 Fri 10th May 2019 | Law
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just looking at the electoral commision's rules and they seem no to fall foul of the first rule of "identification marks":
The law requires that we
apply tests to all appli
cations to register party names, descriptions and emblems (identity marks).
As a guide, we cannot register any identity mark that in the Commission’s opinion
• is likely to mislead voters as to the effect of their vote.
They have the word "democrat" in their title when they have many times with varying degrees of vigour ("bowlocks to brexit" - for example ) stated that they are not interested in democracy, surely, they are now an illegal party??


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Perhaps you should petition the Electoral Commision ?
So, wait... are you a fan of the LibDems then?
JIM 360 , do you think that TGT spends most of his day taking selfies. ?
Give the dead horse a break Tora. By your twisted logic anyone without a job shouldn’t vote labour and anyone who ever wanted to change anything shouldn’t be a conservative.
I think it's a valid question. If the Liberal Democrats believe in democracy, then they should get behind the Government to honour the referendum.

I'm a remainer, and I hold the unpopular opinion that the decision was too important to let the population decide, but it was put before the population so democratically it should be honoured.
What The Funicular surely the EUSSR (or whatever) have summink to say on this, after all they’re still our Lords and Masters.
yes yes and they will hunted down by the political police
and as they cower in the gutter when they BELONG! they will plead for mmercy and bleat ni no please dont shoot us
but the police - they will cock their gestetners or whatever they are called and go blamma blamma blamma

or whatever a gestetner goes when it is fired at full blas by the police, and......

I knew readers before reading the whole question that this has to be 3T and a full moon

parties are never illegal ( okay they can be proscribed political organization but that is not important right now)
They can behave unlawfully and then have to answer to the right authorities
electoral court I think
bring a case if you are very rich 3T

this sort of thing doesnt move the authorities
voting fraud does - Luther Rahman had his election turned over for fraud ( first since 1867 )

apologies if I have taken too seriously some evening froth from 3T
// Give the dead horse a break Tora. //

o god this is another Brexit thread innit ?
Lard spare us - - I think I would rather discuss whether Prince Archie is a monkey or not ( he isnt )
He’s not a Prince either, but now I’m being pedantic.
The Conservative government has tried to honour the referendum bu negotiating a deal with the EU to leave with as little damage as possible to either side and trying as best to cope with the seemingly intractable issue of the Irish border. Many of their own members however - along with the er “Democratic”
Unionist party - have voted against Brexit by voting against this deal in parliament.
So what does that make them?
This question shouldn’t be in “law” anyway. As far as I’m aware a party can call itself whatever it likes.
Is TTT a Banker ?

I, Think he is......... Full Stop............

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Are The Lib Nondems Now Illegal?

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