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sivam | 15:41 Fri 10th May 2019 | Law
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Is it legal to sell copy HBO dvd on Amazon marketplace which does not play in UK. Swiss company ?


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Is it a pirated copy of a DVD someone has done or simply a DVD which is a Region 2 disc but which HBO themselves produced?
sellers should say what region it's for. I doubt that it's illegal (unless it's pirated) but the seller might find himself with a very disgruntled customer when he comes to review his purchase.
'ISN'T a region 2'- gawd typo :/
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Don't know. All I was told was that it was a copy and would not work in UK. Returned to seller but they deny receiving it. Putting it down to experience as I do not have a proof of posting alas. Came up on DVD player to check area code. Seems like ligit company!
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I am a very disgruntled customer and have made that clear. But got nowhere. No proof of posting stupidly!!
you may find you can hack your DVD player to play out-of-region discs (Google your model number + hack), if this happens again.
Ive bought loads of DVDs off Amazon marketplace that play in Region 1 or multi region DVD players only. They normally tell you in the description though.
I read that wrong. It is legal to sell any region DVD in the UK. You can buy multi region DVD players or hack your DVD player to be region free.

If your pc or laptop has a DVD you can change the region a limited number of times.
yeah it is legal
you can say it is not of marketable quality and claim your miney back
but I think you are bogged down in evidential problems arent you - you cant show that you send it back

lower prices mean lower quality
I think you may have to write this off ....
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Good news. Amazon are giving a refund for returned DVD. Took some time but happy with the outcome. Perhaps my (review) helped!!!

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