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Palustris | 20:21 Sun 04th Oct 2020 | Criminal
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They had organised 2 fundraising events just before lockdown, a disco for the kids and a family bingo night. We had bought tickets for both, £5 each.
When they both got cancelled owing to lockdown we were told they didn't have the staff to process refunds so we'd our money back in due course.

In this week's newsletter (so not even a specific communication to those of us owed money) it says, "we hope you don't mind, we've decided to keep the money as we've not been able to do much fundraising".


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Is buying tickets not classed as a donation because bingo is a form of gambling and this acause the place it was to be held does not have a gambling licence .I only say this cause Spurs won 6-1 yesterday
what exactly do you want to do
( not it isnt legal - certainly in civil law - I doubt you cd do that in criminal law or else every one wd be doing - "rain stops play- keeping the moolah then"

Money back - write a nice letter regretting the cancellations and asking for a refund

Suppose the PTA is run by Miss Taylor who always was odd when you were there and has matured into a mad rabid old bat. And you wish to give her a good kicking to make up for all the times ....
Hmm I will have to think about that one ....
I assume there is a committee. And audited accounts.

When is the next committee meeting?

Raise the point there - even if you are not on the committee you should be able to have your views heard.

Perhaps write to all committee members - it may have been a decision by only some members - the others may not know about it?

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