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mollykins | 19:58 Mon 10th Jan 2011 | Jobs & Education
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My friend (who got pretty average grades at GCSE) has just told me how much revision he's done for his january exams . . .

''wow! 4 business, i started when we came back from the holidays...
i did spanish all through the holidays though :/
now ive done my business, im starting my ICT 4 next friday
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike''

and this was my reply;

'' From my maths today, I can tell you that, that won't be enough, and it may be too late. I start revising the night after a lesson, by going over things as I put them in my folder, aswell as doing all the homework, then doing exrtra revision of things we did in september and october to refresh my memory, and I still couldn't answer all the questions! 8 minutes ago ·''

He hasn't replied yet. What do you think his chances of passing are? He said he does about 4 hours per subject per week (including homework, no CW yet) during term time.


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Saints preserve us....................! :o(
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And BTW the status, onto I made that comment was called 'must start revising', posted on saturday, 11am!!!!!!!!

Failcake IMO.
he may be a late developer and do really well,
His chances of passing are, I think, 62%
well i'm sure he'll love having it smooshed in his face that you think it's not enough, and that you do loads.
You might just be exceptionally dim
How long has he been living in the UK...?
Fruitcake IMO
I did a lot less revision than most of my friends did at G.C.S.E level and A-Level and degree level and got better marks. It depends on the person.

And this was back in the day when passing an exam meant something.... (I'm stirring).
When I was at school/6th form even the swots used to claim to have done little or no revision, so I wouldn't place too much reliance on her claims.
But I also wouldn't concern myself with what she is doing- just do what's right for you. You seem to be very conscientious and I'm sure you'll do well in the end.
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All our teachers (not the same ones) keep banging on about how we can't do enough revision for a-levels.

Mark, nearly 17 years.
> Mark, nearly 17 years.

OK, then - what's his first language...?
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I just don't want HIM to fail. He managed to pass everything with Cs and Bs at GCSE with loads of revision and now he's like 'well it's only 4 subjects' . . . . .
A-Levels are so easy...
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English, you can't more english and middle class than him.
If I told you that I passed two history exams at degree level without having attended a single lecture in two years and armed only with an old-fashioned O Level text book, would you believe me? You'd better, because it's true.
... sorry, just realised your friend is male not female. Is this the one who always agrees with you?
boys are better at exams than girls.

I'm sure he isn't worried about how you think he may do.
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No factor this is the gay one I've known since we were 8, who introduced me to the much cleverer than me person who I can't argue with, whose predicted all As.
"now I've done my business, "
In my day that was an intimate bodily function.
Molly everyone learns and retains knowledge differently, loads of revision does not necessarily mean high grades and some people can do well without revising at all. Just ensure you do what's right for you and let him look after himself.

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