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Ridiculous Increase In Car Insurance

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Barmaid | 15:23 Fri 12th Jan 2024 | Insurance
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Our car insurance was £587 last year.  This year it has gone up to £1,700!!!!!  We are both over 50 (him over 60), both professionals, do very little mileage every year (perhaps around 7000), we have had no accidents or claims in something like 20 years, neither of us have ever had any form of motoring offence or endorsement.  We have lived in the same village for 5 years.  

He has shopped around all morning and the cheapest he can find is £1000.  He has tried all the comparison sites and  no end of insurers not on such sites.  I've sent him to call a broker I used to use.

The car is quite an expensive one - 18 month old Audi A8, so I imagine the increase in top marque thefts might be an issue but still an "apathy" increase which trebles the insurance is unbelievable with the next best price still nearly doubling it.

Any tips?  Or good brokers, please?



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This year it has gone up to £1,700!!!!!  We are both over 50 (him over 60),

non non non - cherie - you write like a 21 y o -  so young, so fresh.....

I assume you haven't moved? No claims? Convictions?

Mine's going up from £421 to £723. I checked the comparison sites and it's as good as it's going to get. The car is a 15 year old Volvo, so worth only a few thousand. I can only believe it's because I'm older than I was last year (78).

Question Author

No, TTT.  Absolutely nothing has changed.  OK the car got changed this time last year, but the insurance for last year was £587.  No claims, no convictions - not even a parking ticket!!!!

Is it worth checking with the DVLA to make sure nothing has been registered against you?

Don't know if that can happen mind


Well ours went up less that £100 last October and we are both over 60. Maybe they'll hike it next time!

Mine went up a lot last year, I posted about it here.

My car is 13 years old, no accidents, convictions, penalties, claims, change of anything.  I believe it will be worse this year

Looks like we are all paying for lecky jam jars according to that link.

Last years premium for my top of range,7 year old Skoda Superb was £422.90. It went up to £584.90. Wife and son named drivers. Wife and I over 70. Son 40yrs. No claims .No convictions. With Admiral. I was happy with their renewal premium for this year

I pay £44.36 per month (= £532.32 p.a.) for fully comprehensive cover of a car in a fairly high insurance group (Honda Accord, Group 23) with business use, at age 70 and up to 8,000 miles driving p.a.  That includes quite a few 'extras' though, such as the highest level of RAC cover available, as well as the additional cost of paying monthly instead of annually.  

Whenever I've tried hunting around for a lower premium, I've never been able to beat the renewal quote that I've been given by Post Office Insurance.  So it might be worth seeing what they can offer you:

(Your Audi A8's insurance group will be between 44 and 50 though, depending upon it's exact specifications.  So don't expect to find really cheap insurance anywhere!)

Question Author

I was expecting an increase, but that is flaming ridiculous.

Perhaps they used last year as a loss-leader on the basis that through apathy we'd renew with them.  

Got our quote yesterday.  I don't drive any more.  Both in  mid  70s.get a discount for doing less than 4000 miles pa.  Less than £300 last year.   Well over £600 this year.  No change of circumstances, same vehicle.

The last two years my premium actually went down by a total of over 20%...this year it's gone up by not nearly as much as I thought it would. LV do seem to play fair...the next cheapest quote from Direct Line was 78% more. So I'm rather chuffed!

We're with LV and for both our cars it costs £800 in total...£300 for my electric five year old Zoe, and £500 for his two year old Discovery.

I'd give them a try. If you have a tracker and a dashcam that may reduce the premium, I have neither on mine, he has both on his.

The family has used the same broker for years.  Son has  several vehicles and we just have the one.  They've always done well for us.  We will be approaching them first.  We've always paid in full. This year it won't happen!!

Question Author

Yep, it has a tracker and a dashcam.  The blinking thing spies on me and sends Mr BM a message saying "the car is insecurely parked with the driver window open and the boot insecure".  I wouldn't mind were it not for the fact that I was at Tescos click and collect at the time.

I am with AA Beam which I got through compare market comparison site last year. Mine has gone up from £ 158 to £248 this year for 6yr old SUV 4 x4 valued at around £10000, 5000 miles a year fully comp + ncd protection + £0 voluntary excess usual other stuff like windscreen courtesy car etc. They even beat their own renewal quote when I rang before renewing even though they were already cheapest by a mile. 

I bet he's got you on 'find my phone' too 😁

I got my dad down as named driver also n he is 80 years. I am late 50s.

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Ridiculous Increase In Car Insurance

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