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Insuring a second car

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Barmaid | 11:41 Fri 08th Apr 2011 | Insurance
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Me and the FH both have our cars fully insured with full NCD. We've just acquired a third car (it's actually my old car which has been on long term loan). It's only a Peugeot 306 and worth naff all, so we thought we'd just use it as our run around.

The difficulty is, when I am getting online quotes, I am having to put in the fact that there is 0 NCD on this car which is inflating the quotes to a level which makes them cost more than the car is worth.

Does anyone know of any insurance company who does a discount for insuring a second car on the basis of an excellent driving history with no claims on both of us for over 10 years?


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The car doesn't have a NCD you do. If you and the FH are the only ones driving it, you should get the NCD that you normaly do.

Try admiral
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Thanks Dave, but I've been told several times that you can only use one NCD per policy.

(I can't try Admiral - I fell out with them last year and told them to stuff it. Crossways with knobs on).
have you tried called your current insurers and asking if theyll do a deal?
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Having never been in your position, i'm amazed, its a con. You can only drive one car at a time so any insurance should relate to you or the FH

Admiral wouldn't care you know.
"You can only drive one car at a time"
that may well be true, but all 3 cars could be broken into at same time, or set alight to.
Speak to an Insurance Broker as they should know which insurers will cover you and give the full NCD. You may be able to cover all your vehicles as a small fleet and gain that way.
Direct Line was good for me with a second car give them a ring.(They are not on line) as the advert says.

as a non driver (drink) I had a fren' with a car....and he was told that the insurer was under a duty to certify your NCD history - even tho the insurance contract had not determined as you might say.

and with that .... he got insured for a second car with the first car's NCD

good for me as I was paying.

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Insuring a second car

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