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New Build Home Insurance - Can't Get A Quote!!!!!!

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countrykid | 18:38 Fri 21st Dec 2018 | Insurance
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This week we exchanged contracts on our existing house and the house we are moving to - which is a new build. Our solicitor explained that we are responsible for insuring the new build house with immediate effect. I thought this would be easy. How wrong was I?
I first contacted our existing insurer Halifax, they were keen to quote but couldn't as the post code, although "live" with Royal Mail, was not on the insurers system, and thus they could not insure me. Furthermore, when we move, they will have to cancel our car insurance for the same reason!!!

The problem got worse when I rang a few other leading insurers who all came up with the same outcome - not on their system!!! It seems that companies update their systems rather adhoc - some do it weekly, some monthly and some six monthly!!!! The reason - it costs them money! Crazy as surely it also means they lose potential business from all the new builds etc

With thousands of houses being built throughout England, this is a major issue and I can't believe it is happening. It seems it is simply a case of individual insurers needing to update their own post code database - but some seem to be blaming Royal Mail not making postcodes "live". My postcode IS live so that reason or excuse does not hold!

A quick Google revealed this is a real problem for sure, with some companies cancelling an existing car policy the second you give them the new postcode - leaving the customer and their car uninsured!!!!!. If this is true, it's outrageous and needs a serious investigation.

Has anyone experienced this, and if so, have you found a home/car insurer who updates their databases more frequently and thus my new postcode might be on their systems?


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Sorry can't help but your problem is a direct result of postcodes being used for a purpose for which they were never designed. The Post Office loves it because they can sell their postcode database. Insurers love it because it gets them location information fairly cheaply. But, as usual, the customer is inconvenienced.
Can you ask closest neighbours theirs?
Just keep doing a google search until an insurance company accepts your postcode.
if as yoy say some update weekly, they should have yo by next week
have you tried a broker?
Question Author
Thanks for responses. I've emailed the developers site office to ask if they can assist. We are 150 miles away from where we are moving to, so unable to directly ask those who have recently moved in. Regarding databases getting updated, I'd have thought the major players would have been on the ball but from a look on Google and my own experience today, clearly not. I'll try a few more insurers tomorrow and yes maybe a broker - any suggestions. For now at least, I have a house with zero insurance so let's hope there are no whirlwinds or such like in North Yorkshire - mind you that's probably an Act of God and not covered LOL
Try a small niche broker, rather than a big boy with internet presence. I had an awful job doing mine and a small independent sorted it.
I'll second Barmaid's suggestion of trying a local independent broker but, as well as that, you might also try the big price comparison websites (so that you'll effectively be contacting lots of different insurers simultaneously, rather than having to make dozens of phone calls).

Coversure Insurance Brokers Bedale N. Yorks 01677 988083

Family firm we have used them for Insurance on new Barn Conversions.
Would have hoped a competent insurer could come up with a quote based on the local area regardless of postcode, and your claim record. They're getting worse as time goes on then.
Question Author
My apologies, I hadn't seen the last few answers, so thanks to barmaid, buenchico and auntlydia. For various reasons, I did not look into brokers etc and tbh have had my fingers crossed these past few days. However, late last night (10.30pm) I received an email from the developers, replying to my enquiry re buildings insurance problem. They have explained that with a new build, they themselves take all risks on the building, and it is only at handover that we become responsible. So that's a relief.

I will though definitely contact Coversure at Bedale. If Barmaid can let me know details of the company they used, that would also be worth a shot.

Thanks again to everyone.

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New Build Home Insurance - Can't Get A Quote!!!!!!

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