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Dancing Washing Machine

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Rosie29 | 18:13 Thu 21st Mar 2024 | How it Works
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My washing machine stands on a thin mat on a concrete floor in an underground basement.  Although we've tried to get it absolutely level using a spirit level and adjusting rubber cups on the feet where necessary it still moves forward and twists to a 45° angle.  I live on my own and if it has jumped out of the rubber feet I have had to just leave it.  They didn't seem to be doing much good anyway.

I am in my 90s and am getting tired of having to heave it back into position.  It has once pulled a hose free from the wall.

Someone has suggested putting batons of wood around it.  

I am grateful for any thoughts.



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Has it always done this?

It could be that the locking nuts on the feet are loose.

depends on your brand and model washer, the link show some advice, also read the comments below video.

click the unlined watch on youtube..

It could also be that the internal drum dampener (often a large concrete block or heavy metal plate on top of the drum housing) is not doing it's job because it's come adrift.

Mine did the same.  We reduced the spin speed slightly and it has been fine since then.

as gingejbee, said could be the concrete block needs the nut holding it in place tightening, but id re-check the feet, as was mentioned, the locking bolt may have slipped a bit, needs a little tightening, very easy.. id ask a friend to have a look.

May have lost it's balance. Like car wheels need balancing, so does the w/m drum. Possibly needs an expert to check/fix it.

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Lots of good suggestions here - thanks everyone x

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Dancing Washing Machine

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