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cleoval | 22:04 Thu 21st Mar 2024 | How it Works
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Hi I have just seen on TV an advert from Booking.Com about booking flights.  Does anybody know if you book a flight and then cancel it, will you get your money back? or if you have to pay a fee to change the flight to another.?  Thanks.



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You usually have to pay to change/cancel your booking regardless of who you book with is just an agency and the terms and conditions of the airline that you are booked with will dictate the penalties and fees for changing a booking.

It is impossible to give you more information without who you will be flying with

As Barry says, is simply an agency.  Each airline will have its own individual policies.  Further, some airlines allow you to choose between 'flexible' tickets, where you can make a single change to your flight arrangements just by paying the difference in the fares (and possibly an admin charge too), and 'budget' tickets, where no changes are allowed at all.  So there can be different policies even with the same airline.

See here:;aid=2311236&sid=bc499771eb65e807df8b087e64ace80c&source=hc_entry_point_flights_footer

From personal experience is a fiddle, I booked a hotel in Maastricht for a musical event which was cancelled by the local council and they would`nt refund or hold the booking over to the next year.

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