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Smoke Alarm

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lankeela | 10:44 Tue 19th Mar 2024 | How it Works
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Bought one online a couple of weeks ago and its one where the battery is permanently fitted in and is supposed to last ten years.  For the past couple of days it has started beeping every couple of minutes - when I press the button it is quiet for a while then starts beeping again.  Any ideas or is it just my bad luck and need to chuck it?  



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Beeping that frequently is normally the sign that the battery is on its last legs - the company you bought it from should replace it if it's only a few weeks old.

If you are a pensioner, ring your local fire service, most will do a free home fire safety check and supply and fit smoke alarms for free.

They decided the one we had put in was not enough and fitted another one upstairs.

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It came from China, so doubt it will get replaced.  Cut my losses and leave it in the wheelie bin (will do it the day after its been emptied so it will wind my nosey paranoid neighbour up as a bonus).

It's the company that you bought it from that's responsible, not the Chinese manufacturer, so it's worth contacting them. Incidentally, I think the broken one should be recycled carefully, not just bunged in your wheelie bin.

For good quality, reliable smoke alarms...Fire Angel is a good brand, as recommended by Which?

There are a lot of useless ones available online...avoid.

Probably old stock, been in store for 10 years before purchase ?

Have you tried a vacuum cleaner brush around the vents, they sometimes get dust in them and this causes beeping.

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