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Echo Dot Alexa

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elliemay1 | 15:24 Tue 19th Mar 2024 | How it Works
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My husband has just bought an Echo Dot Alexa from Amazon but is having difficulty getting it set up! It says to ''Download the alexa app from your app store.'' Does this have to be done on his phone or can you do it on the laptop?



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Either, phone or laptop 

Or both 

you do realise that everything you say will be recorded don't you? I wouldn't have one of these in the cat and mouse.

Question Author

Thanks Barry & TTT. I might be back with more qns!!

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I have downloaded the app. It now says ''Select an app to open this .apk file'', the choices are ''Notepad/Windows Media Player Legacy'' or ''Browse apps in Microsoft Store'' or '' Choose an app on your PC''

Which do I choose please? I have to go out now for a few hours but will check back later. Thank you for any advise!

It seems TTT is wearing his tinfoil hat again.

Well I was going to help but I'll let spartypuss do that.

Download the Alexa app from the Microsoft store.

//It seems TTT is wearing his tinfoil hat again.//

Is he?  The MI5 boss has the same idea, at least thats what he said.

I think I will believe him not you.

my work do not allow you to have an alexa in the room while you are having teams calls if you're working from home.

aside from that i LOVE my alexa.  You need to download the alexa app from microsoft app store

My sister bought me one a  couple of months ago.  I love it. Sorry, can't help with the set up, as my daughter did it for me! I must learn to do these things myself! 😀 

No thankyou. Wouldn't have one .Agree with TTT.

I know exactly what my Alexa devices record, and it definitely isn't everything.  No convincing people who believe differently, though

An .apk file is an Android app. You can't open it on Windows.

Recorded or not, it has to be listening though in order to react. You have no idea if or when conversations might go elsewhere. It's a backdoor breach in your privacy in any event.

Nobody is forcing it on you, OG.  Your choice.  

Never said they were.

barry: "I know exactly what my Alexa devices record, and it definitely isn't everything. " - do you? How do you think it knows when you say "alexa" - it has to listen for everything.

Question Author

Thank you so much for all your help and advice (not advise!), we have it sorted now. Can it record/ listen in etc to conversations while just switched on or do you have to say 'Alexa' before you speak for this to happen? (if at all!)

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