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How Do I Add A Picture?

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NoseyNose | 23:18 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | How it Works
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How do I add a picture to my profile name when answering(or posting) a question?



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You need to sign up to a site called Gravatar (using the SAME email address that you used to register on AB - that's IMPORTANT!) and then upload your chosen image to that site. 

Once you've activated your avatar in the profile section on AB, your picture will then be 'pulled' from Gravatar whenever you post here.

More detail here:

Question Author



Well, even at my advanced age(76),I can be taught something,so a big thank you for the instructions. 

In case anyone is mystified by the picture,it's me in 1952 when I was 5 years old.I modelled for knitting patterns.

I was cute then,what happened?

Question Author

Now another question.

My picture seems to be appearing on my answers,but not on my questions,or am I missing something?

Hi Gordon.

Oddly, your avatar is showing on your profile page for me but not alongside your post here.  You're certainly not the first that's happened to though!

Check that your avatar is actually activated.  (Click on 'view your profile' at the top right. If 'Activate avatar' is showing, click on it).  If it still doesn't show up on posts, email the Editor to see if the problem can be fixed at their end: [email protected]

^^^ Crossed posts!

. . . and I'm sure that there are still plenty of people who think that you're cute 😊

Although I've always used Gravatar, it hasn't been easy just lately, so if you can't work it out, come back and ask Buenchico, AKA Chris again. I think you've posted that before if my memory serves me right. My avatar was taken when I was 21.😂

and mine on my 21st, when I'd just been awarded my wings

Question Author

Thanks Barsel & Buenchico,

I will try and rectify it in the morning,but there's nothing about it on My Profile.

Barsel, yes I posted the pic before,as a question,but wanted the cute pic for my profile.

jno how old were you when you got your halo?

Question Author

On my profile page it says:~

"Dear NoseyNose,

New users do not have immediate access to an Avatar, but after a short introductory period you will be able to set your own Avatar.

You may connect with Gravatar in -80 days and after 10 more legitimate posts."

Whatever that means?

What you should see, in your profile, is 'Deactivate avatar', as here:
(DON'T click on it!)

However, if it says 'Activate avatar', then you need to click on it.

Gordon, I knew you had to be on here for a certain number of days before your Avatar would display, but I didn't realise it was 80 days. I thought it was just a couple of weeks.

^^^ Crossed posts!


>>> "Whatever that means?"

It means that AB's server has thrown a wobbly and still thinks that you're a new member who can't have an active avatar. 

Email the Ed, as above, to ask for things to be put right.  (As I said above, you're not the first to experence such a problem.  It's definitely nothing personal!)

Question Author

I only have deactivate account & edit my profile,so maybe I have to wait until 80days are over?

AB's server is saying that he needs to wait minus 80 days to qualify for an avatar.  (i.e. he passed the threshold 80 days ago but the system still isn't letting him have an active avatar).

Oh, I see. Ah well, if Gordon emails the ed tomorrow, hopefully, it will be sorted and we can all go awww at Gordon in his little knitted bobble hat.😊

Actually, I think it's a balaclava. 😀

Question Author

Yes,it's a balaclava.I am on other knitting patterns it seems,but cannot now find them on the net.

The Battle of Balaclava, fought on 25 October 1854 during the Crimean War

Question Author

Hello there folks,

I have just emailed the Ed,so lets see what happens?

Thanks for all your help,especially Buenchico.


Sorry I was of no help to you Gordon, I have difficulty myself with the Gravatar site.

Buenchico AKA Chris is like a human encyclopedia. There's not much he doesn't know.

Hopefully, it will be sorted for you soon.

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How Do I Add A Picture?

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