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Foldaway Bed Table ... Does The Thing I Describe Below Exist?

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joko | 19:36 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | How it Works
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Im thinking of a small basic table big anough for a laptop, which is either - 

its a square C or U shape, with 3 planks of wood & the bottom plank slides under your mattress - OR under the bed base - the middle section is up the side, & the top piece is the tabletop.
It would somehow fold down to the side of the bed, out of the way.

Or its an upside down L shape & the long side piece is attached to the bed base, & also moves or folds out the way.

Is there such a thing in existence?

Ive been looking online for small tables or stools or a bench, that is shaped like a U, but i cant find anything that doesnt cost a fortune, or that are not big enough or too big.

Those hospital type roll across the bed ones are no good because they dont fold away, the wheels wont go under the bed, & theyre too big to just push away as theres no space.
I took the wheels off one, & slid the bars under the bed but because its a divan base in 2 parts i cant push it along the side of the bed.

I dont want to have to get up & start dismantling things, i just want to do something simple, like push a lever or click something & shove it down, so just small pieces of wood or plastic or something, and few hinge type things really.

If i cant find anything that folds down, i still want the C/U shaped table, or a box with 2 sides removed etc if i can find the right size

any ideas?

Thanks :)



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Must Have Ideas do an adjustable - ideal for sliding over the bed or settee to put your lap top or dinner on.  Will find the details.


Look on Argos .

Do you want it on wheels or on top of the bed. Have you looked on Amazon. Prices start at £35 many different designs. 

Look at caravan type websites, you may find something suitable there

You have a good description. I reckon you could draw it out and make one for yourself.

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Foldaway Bed Table ... Does The Thing I Describe Below Exist?

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