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naomi24 | 10:17 Wed 01st Apr 2020 | How it Works
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I know it’s said that face masks are ineffective against Coronavirus but since everyone on the front line seems to wear them they must be useful at least. A little protection is surely better than none. I’ve looked on Amazon and haven’t a clue which to buy. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.


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Masks have a N, a P and FFP rating. The best protection for general purchase are FFP3 P3 N99 rated masks.
11:04 Wed 01st Apr 2020
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Thanks mamyalynne.
But you made it all our businesses by asking a question on a public platform. I gave you a few facts which you should seriously consider when ‘making your mind up’. If you choose to ignore them and join the ranks of sheeple, then you become someone depriving vital services of basic equipment.
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I've read what you've said, zacs. You're not answering my question so no need to expand.
I have seen a video of a mask being made out of a pampas nappy.

I am not kidding.
I have answered your question by explaining that you’re wasting your money and potentially depriving front line medicalstaff of basic equipment. I’ve also explained there”S no need to wear one if you observe social distancing advice. Are you getting closer than 2.0m to other humans, if so, why?

I’ve also explained that you’re not getting protection as your eyes are still exposed.

If you choose to ignore the above then you can see why I’m a bit perplexed.
Health workers need them because they’re in close contact with infected people.
I honestly see no reason why anyone else should have one
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Ich, how are we to know whether or not we are in close contact with infected people? When I pay my bill at the supermarket or in another shop I'm not two metres away from the cashier.
Health supplies are not exactly widely available right now. It isn't unreasonable to suggest that you put the needs of front-line workers ahead of your own. As long as you keep track of your own hygiene (which you do), and as long as you're sticking to government advice (which you are), then why seek an expensive product that you don't need but that someone else will?

If, in spite of all that, you still want to buy a mask, then you should probably check out N95 masks. Remember that you'll need several, as, for obvious reasons, you shouldn't use the same one for too long.
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Thank you. I'll check out N95 masks.
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Thanks Ed.
//If you choose to ignore them and join the ranks of sheeple, then you become someone depriving vital services of basic equipment. //

If naomi buys and wears one and it may prevent her contracting Corvid-19 then it alleviates the extra burden put on to the over stretched NHS staff who have more than enough patients at the moment.
Personally I don't feel the need to get one. I went to Tesco yesterday ( first outing outside the house in 11 days) I wore my shemagh under my overcoat and pulled it up over my nose and mouth when I joined the anti social queue outside. I must have looked like Yasser Arafat or an Al Qaeda terrorist as I walked into the shop.
A respirator rather than a mask that has a filtered valve and can be cleaned and reused. I needs to be capable of fitting really tightly. I have worked with infectious patients, often at close quarters, rarely used one, only disposables to protect them from me. I can understand why you might want one if only to feel you are doing everything you can. especially if you need to get close to others in your everyday life.
Currently out of stock and only a disposable but the sort of thing i mean
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Precisely Retrocop/Rowan. I can see nothing wrong in doing everything I can to stay well. I don't do on-line shopping because I think that should be left for more vulnerable people who can't get out - in fact if fewer younger/fitter people used it the truly vulnerable wouldn't be waiting so long for their shopping. They're just clogging up the works.
I agree. Mrs T is also doing everything she can, expensive price inflated hand gels etc.
We are also a couple who have come against the clogged up online ordering system, and neither of us can go out.
Thankfully, family have been able to help us out a bit, but theory have busy restricted lives themselves.
// Which is best? That's the question.//
and the answer is none
none work
I suppose you cd rephrase as - which is least worse ?
they are all pretty damn crappo

sorry to be so helpful - but every little helps - and you save your money
// If you choose to ignore the above then you can see why I’m a bit perplexed.//

god I m not - this is AB for chrissakes

to answer the question - since they are all equally crap then I would ..... probably make my own - see you tube
Need Juan Sheet - yes one sheet, two rubber bands and a stapler
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pp, you're giving bad advice again. There's a message for you at 21:37 Thu 02nd Apr here:

Thanks TCL.

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