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TheDevil | 10:05 Mon 30th Mar 2020 | How it Works
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so it's not actually mine but just wanted to share my experience.

i fry a lot of food, oily meats etc.. and I never wear an apron i'm a ghetto bird like that so i get a lot of oil splash on my clothing and it never comes out in da wash...

How do you get oil out of clothing? I googled to find that apparently washing up liquid works well. Rub it in before you wash your clothes. You could use fairy or even fairy platinum (get you) but I used 80p elbow grease from B&M and it worked a treat.

Few more suds in my machine but it worked a treat and didn't affect any other clothes.


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Any concentrated detergent will get oil out of clothes. You need to ask your mum these things
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No it didn't work! I tried.. and I have proper detergent with enzymes

I tried to rub detergent into the oil first time round and unlike the washing up liquid, it was unsuccessful.
...yes, OK, but an apron would be so much more sensible.
anyone who has kept a house of any sort knows this!
So what took you so long...?
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I'm going to buy a spit cover User Recommendation
£1 at Poundland.
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I wont br going out to get one but that is good to know, thankyou
Your welcome.
If that fails eucalyptus oil is amazingly by for oil \fat \ and surprisingly the stains from Lily pollen and ballpoint pen.

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