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Outside security light

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Tilly2 | 09:16 Sat 01st Dec 2012 | How it Works
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We had a motion sensitive 'dawn to dusk' security light fitted yesterday. The electrician explained it to me and all seemed well. He covered the sensor with a cloth, momentarily, and the light came on. He took away the box and the instructions.

Last night when I went out, the light did not come on. Using a torch, I switched the middle slider thing to the centre and the light came on but stayed on until I moved the switch again. It has another two switches on either side. What are they for and do I have to switch one of them on?


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I would be onto the electrician for my instructions !!
One is for length of time to stay on, one is for how dark it has to be to activate, and one is for sensitivity to movement..
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Yes, I am going to do that murraymints. I just thought I'd ask on here as well.
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I remember he told me that the right hand switch was at maximum and it had a range of eight metres.
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Any other suggestions?
You need to go out tonight at dusk and turn the light level switch until the light comes on and leave it at that setting, every evening at that dusk level the light will come on when approached and stay on for the length of time you have set the time switch to.

Also if you switch the supply switch off and on quickly the light should stay on until you switch the supply switch off and leave it off for a few minutes, not sure if this feature works for all makes of lights.
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That sounds like a good idea. The problem is I don't know which switch is which, apart from the middle one, which keeps the light on all the time.

I have emailed the electrician and am waiting for a reply, although I know he's working today.
Sounds like it's the middle one,it must be set fully in one direction, turn it fully in the opposite direction the light should go off then at dusk edge it back till the light comes on and leave it at that setting.
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Thanks for trying to help everyone. I now have the instructions (from Dunhelm )but it is still not working.

I think the PIR is not functioning properly. More expense!
No expense - if it is faulty it should be replaced free.

I bet it is not faulty, just needs setting up properly.
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Thanks, Hopkirk. I know I can get the light replaced. It's paying the electrician to come and do it again.
Why would you pay the electrician again, if it was only fitted recently?
If it's faulty, or not working properly 'cos it's not set up right, he should come out and sort it out for free !!!!
These sensors rely on the image of a warm object passing across the sensor after passing through a plastic Fresnel lense that results in multiple images.

If the background temperature is similar to the surface temperature of the moving person then they cannot detect the movement of a person. So a warm environment or a well insulated body can stop them working.
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Thanks, beso.
I emailed the electrician and he has suggested that the PIR is faulty, not uncommon, he said. He has suggested that we buy another one and he will come and change it. Then we'll take the faulty one back.

Gizmonster. We bought the light ourselves. So if he comes back to change it we will have to pay again.

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Outside security light

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