What drill?

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snodgrass | 18:03 Sun 21st Nov 2004 | Home & Garden
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I'm planning to buy my first drill (from Argos). Can anyone please explain in idiot's terms the difference between a hammer drill and an impact drill, and which one is best for general drilling, e g putting up shelves, curtain poles, pictures etc? Thanks.


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Well here is what I know: you can get battery or cord drills. The higher the battery voltage the more power it has. The battery drills often double as a screwdriver so bear this in mind if you are out of the reach of a plug and want to drill and screw (oh, er madam). The hammer action is used to drill into masonary (brickwork etc) and I don't know what the impact bit is. For home DIY I would get a cord drill with hammer action. This will cover just about everything you need except screwdriving. If you fancy a drill/screwdriver combo get at least an 18 Ver with a spare battery (you can have one on charge when you using the other). I bought the cheapest cord drill I could find with hammer action (�15 Skil drill, I think it was) and it has lasted ages.
I'm not sure what an inpact drill is, but I think it's a drill fitted with an SDS chuck, has hammer action and is designed for drilling concrete. You need special bits to fit the chuck. A hammer action drill will also drill concrete and masonary and will have the option of turning off the hammer action, uses normal bits. I would go for at least 500 watts, and a good make.

Don't forget, that the drill bits you need vary depending on what you're drilling, and these will often have to be purchased separately. If you want to cover all bases, get some masonry bits, some wood bits and some metal bits.

Having said that, I use masonry bits for most jobs other than drilling metal, which I avoid cos I don't like the noise!

If you`re lucky you may be able to pick up a cordless hammer action drill very cheaply........but be warned....I bought one at a market for under �20 but the chuck was knackered.

There are bargains to be had but cheapest may not be best.  Personally I`d go for an 18volt cordless with a spare battery so that one would always be charged.

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