Drill through tiles to hang items

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melanieevans | 00:47 Thu 02nd Feb 2006 | Home & Garden
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How do I drill through tiles? my parents have just moved and need me to put up some shelving and storage racks in their bathroom and kitchen which are both tiled and I have no idea what I need to do to drill through tiles without breaking the tile let alone know what drill bit to use.


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Mark a dot on tile with a magic marker, stick a couple of layers of masking tape over the dot, and re mark it if necessary (this will stop the drill slipping) use a standard masonry drill bit, not hammer action!

Go to B&Qs, ask an assistant to show you where the tile drills are, when they show you just say "thanks I could'nt find them" then you save any embarasment in not knowing what they are!

They fit any drill, the point of the tile drill is shaped like a small spear and they come in various sizes.

Mark the spot where you want to drill and then put some sellotape over the mark, that will help to stop the drill point slipping, use very light pressure when drilling the hole.

Happy DIYing.

Those above, beat me to the post but i'd just like to add that when you sellect the screws, be sure to use exactly the right size of wall plug that corresponds to the screw, otherwise you'l end up with all sorts of probs, i've been there..
To add to what logman said, I always put the wall plug in the hole and then use a flat round punch to knock it further in to the wall so that is below the tile and only in the wall itself, then use a longer screw to make sure that the fixing is strong. Reason - When the screw is put in the wall plug it expands it and if the tile is a weak one it can crack the surface layer off, if the wall plug is further in this does not happen.
This is also a good tip for all fixings with wall plugs because if the wall plug is put in level with the wall surface when the screw goes in it can bulge above the surface and make it impossible to get things pulled flat and tight against the wall, and then they are ''rocky'' and feel loose.
Just want to say that when you posted this question you will have seen that it was already asked recently and you could have saved yourself a lot of time waiting for answers!

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Drill through tiles to hang items

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