Bird sh_t on car !

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khana | 00:12 Thu 02nd Feb 2006 | Home & Garden
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I have allocated parking where I live and unfortunately its right under a massive tree. Every morning I go out to masses of bird sh_t all over my car and its like glue.
Has anyone got any ideas on how to get off the stubborn ones without scratching the paintwork, I'm sick of my car going through the car wash and coming out looking exactly the same afterwards, plus its costing me a fortune !
Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to wash my car outside the flat either - darn flat regulations.


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I suggest you give it a good soak to soften it before cleaning, you must have somewhere to do this. Then buy yourself a cheap car cover, easy. Your paintwork can get stained after awhile. Then complain to the management company.
Cut down the tree while the birds are sleeping, that'll teach the little b*****ds.
If its a lime tree get your car covered asap! the lime eats into the paintwork, its lethal stuff to get off (sticky)
If you've got an old flannel, soak it in some hot water, then leave it on top of the mess for a few minutes. It then wipes off pretty easy.
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Thanks for the answers, I'll give them a try and hope for the best :-)

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Bird sh_t on car !

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