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keyplus90 | 10:29 Mon 18th Feb 2013 | Home & Garden
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I have got myself in a bit of a mess and want to see if anyone can help. I bought this drill from Clas Ohlson near my home. This drill looks nice and have 5 year guarantee too but just is not powerful enough. I wanted to return this but the problem is that it comes as "multi tool" pack and I had to buy three things separately. Drill, Charger and a battery. Now I have lost the packaging for the battery and can't return that. Problem is the if I return other items then what would I do with the battery?

Here comes my question, Does anyone knows that if this battery might be cmpatible with any other better brand or drill? So perhaps I would buy a drill that fits this battery. It is a matter of having a foot padle and trying to find a bicycle that is compatible with that. here is the drill and you can see battery also at the bottom. I have got 3.00 AH lithium which is £49.99.


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I'd not know but I suspect it is unlikely a Cotech battery would fit a non-Cotech tool. It may just fit a different more powerful version Cotech drill though. You'd need to check the spec of the battery to see what it says it fits.

Worst comes to worse you can give the whole pack as a 2013 Xmas present to a good friend in 10 months time, and in the meanwhile treat yourself to another drill.
Im sorry but you bought a budget type drill, give it up for a bad job and invest in a decent hammer drill, cheaper in the long run.
"Fits all power tools included in the LXC series."

It occurs to me the power of the drill would surely relate to the power supplied by the battery (18v) so you may be barking up the wrong tree here ?
On my own experience, Keyplus, I've never come across ANY battery that fits another brand. I think they keep it that way to promote "brand loyalty" ;o(

Perhaps you could exchange the drill for something that doesn't need a lot of power. These very cheap makes can be fine for light drilling and screwing, but SDS needs a lot more power. That's why the Trade tends to stay with Makita, Dewalt etc, even though they can be silly money.
The best makes do usually have ranges that are much cheaper, and more suitable for light home use.
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OG – I would give it to someone as Xmas gift but I don’t know anyone who would like drill as a gift. Perhaps my father in law would have liked it but he died last year.

Ratter – Thanks for you kind advice but I already has another drill. In fact I have two more apart from this one and quite power full. I have Stanley FAT max 18V and a mains SDS. But I was looking for a cordless SDS but not too heavy.

Builder – Although I am just a dIYer who would only go as far as hanging shelves but I just like drills and you are right that SDS needs more power. As I said above that I was looking for a cordless SDS so what I am going to do now is return whatever I can and keep the battery as a bad experience and then I am going to buy one of these two, but I would appreciate a practical advice that which one should I go for.
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Price difference does not matter as I know the one on ebay is on auction. I just want an opinion on the tool please.
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Update - I returned whatever I could return and bought Hitachi as that suits my need more. It is very light and very powerfull. Thanks to all of you for your input.

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Cotech Sds Drill

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