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Shamu | 01:52 Sat 28th Jun 2008 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know how I can kill off weeds using houshold products etc. Rather than using expensive weed killers from garden shops.

Many thanks


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Disinfectant. Will kill some weeds. Bleach, maybe.
Jeyes Fluid diluted 50/50

Boiling Water!
Try Wilkinsons. Quite cheap there.
I used to like the smell of Jeyes Fluid, but now it just reminds me of gents toilets.
Smothering them.
the best way is to pull them up and leave them to dry out on the path. teach them the little *******!
Dig the weeds up & let the roots dry & die. Salt, neat or strong liquid mix. Boiling water. Old chip fat (hot would be instant frying of roots)! Soak area in paraffin & burn.....NOT NEAR THE HOUSE!

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