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KP34 | 22:32 Fri 27th Jun 2008 | Home & Garden
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Hi, I'm trying to find out whether you have to have Cavity wall insulation on a new build house. My property is 4 years old and i've just recently found out that there is no cavity wall insulation. We do not have NHBC cert (small private builder) and don't know if cavity wall insulation is a requirement of building regs. Anyone out there who knows anything about this i would really appreciate some help!


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Hi KP..........there is no requirement for cavity fill .............building regs ask for a certain level of insulation for the house as a whole...............the walls contribute to, the level of insulation in the wall can vary, depending on how much there is in the rest of the building.
To fill or not to's up to the designer :o)
We have just had some put in but they wouldn't do the front wall of the house because it is stone. If yours is built of stone, that is why. They told us they can't do it. Only brick or rendered can be done.
Also just had a thought, a lot of houses now are built with breeze blocks which already have insulation on them.
Any extra insulation helps to prevent heat loss, which helps reduce heating bills. Building Regs merely states that minimum insulation stds be met - one can always achieve greater than the minimum. You builder will have probably sought to merely achieve the minimum (most do). The minimum stds have been uprated in the last 4 years though it matters not - the minimum std required was that at the date your house was bult.
Some materials are not suitable for injection of such insulation, as ace has pointed out. This is because of the porocity of the material, and/or the exposure of the face of the prevailing wind/rain.
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Thanks very much for your help!

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Building Regs - Cavity wall insulation

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