weed killer for block paving drive

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BJS | 19:03 Sun 04th Jun 2006 | Home & Garden
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We have tried several types of weed killer for our BLOCK PAVING drive but weeds are still a persistent problem. has anyone used and found a EFFICIENT weed killer they have used and found to be 100% efficient. We have used GLYPHOSTE (2 containers) but in both cases after a VERY SHORT time the trigger action packed up.

One thing we would have to be careful of is that we have a dog.

Thanks for any replies in advance.


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Hum.... Once you have weeds you have weeds I'm afraid. One thing that my friend has recommended to us (we have a block paved drive) is one of those gas filled flame thrower things - you can get them at decent garden centres apparently. Or the other thing to try is a pressure washer - that basically blasts the weeds out of the cracks between your bricks but your paving would need re-sanding afterwards probably.
'Round Up' is the best weedkiller I've found. Of course, you will still get weeds as seeds get blown into the cracks of your blocks. BTW, don't get the fancy ready prepared sprayers. Buy the concentrate and put it in a sprayer or use a watering can (but don't use it for anything else afterwards!), it works out miles cheaper.
If you have a steam-stripper these are supposed to work. I recently bought one (for wallpaper of course) and was surprised to read this in the instructions. It says hold it in place for about one minute and it will kill the pesky things dead. Not dangerous for animals of course.
Hello, I have tried some salt in a bucket of water poured it onto the pavers and brushed it. The weeds go brown after a couple of days and then it brushes out. Works well for me as well with a dog and kids. Good Luck
Have you tried 'Pathclear', Its claimed to last for up to 6 months, but their new one is said to last 12 months, I think it says 'ultra' after the name. Its both systemic and residual, that means it kills existing leaves and roots and will also kill seeding weeds before they come up. Makers also claim its safe to use if you have kids or pets once its allowed to dry. Good Luck.
About the best, is Potassium Chloride, this stuff is lethal, but not to be used if you've got children or pets. You can buy it at any Garden Centre.
Potassium Chloride is not lethal accept in huge doses. Sodium or Potassium ChloRATE is the stuff. It will sterilise the ground for a few months and can stunt growth for years. Not good for children, pets or very dry weeds.

You might like to see this article

Definitely - Roundup concentrate is the best for weeds and for removing moss,algae, lichen and slime I use Armillatox - see

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weed killer for block paving drive

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