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New Mattress

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Barmaid | 23:05 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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I am suffering more and more with back pain. I find it very difficult to get comfortable in bed. This morning I got up and went and slept on the sofa where I always get comfortable.  I've decided a new mattress may help. I'm off to test some mattresses next week. Any tips? Any particular recommendations? TIA



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I have a foam mattress - not memory foam.

I'd never go back to springs.

I bought a Sealy last year. It is wonderful. I don't want to get out of bed.

We went recently to our local bed centre and bought a Hypnos pocket sprung, It the most comfotable mattress i have ever slept on, but they are not cheap

It's a nightmare (!) trying to choose a new mattress. For a double/king they can cost anything from a couple of £100 to over £1000 and you don't really know if it will suit until you've slept on it a few times. Some of the (foam?) ones offer a trial period when you can return it if it's not OK.

I switched from a Sealy Posturepaedic which I found was too hard since I put on weight to a Silentnight (cheap) which is much better. I may try a foam topper as well - not sure.

Birlea SleepSoul Comfort 800 Pocket Memory Mattress, Polyester, White, 23 x 190 x 135 cm, Double

We bought one of these from Amazon nearly four years ago and it's very good - slightly on the firm side.

Wonderful value at £150

I have a tempur mattress and it's suited me for years.

A new sofa?

I bought a Simba and it's the best mattress I've ever had.  I rotate it regularly as instructed.  My daughter has an Emma from the same firm.  That's excellent too.  I believe they come with a no quibble return if not satisfied after 60 days.

Simba and Emma mattresses aren't made by the same company. Emma is a German brand and Simba is British.

I'm surprised Barry  - I really thought they were .  

The problem with matresses is everyone is different.

The wife went and got herself a new one the other month.  Went round the whole lot apparently and then came back to the first seh tried!

they are dear as said above, well over 1K 😲

My friend only has ViSpring but they must be the most expensive mattresses you can buy, several thousands of pounds 

what happens to all the used mattresses - is there a mattress graveyard somewhere?

If I remember correctly Dave, I had a deal where the people I bought my new mattress from would take away the old one. Can't remember if there was a charge for this or not but it would have been a lot cheaper than disposing of it myself.  My cleaner is due shortly I'll ask her if she can see a name on the mattress when she changes the sheets.  IF I remember!  

It was probably John Lewis or possibly M&S.

You need to assess what it is about the sofa that's so much more comfy then the bed. I agree, everyone is different. We have had a Tempur for years and wouldn't have anything else but others hate them. There is  also so much choice these days, it's difficult to know where to start.

LB - I had the local council take away my old mattress. Pensioners can have one free pick-up of bulk unwanted items per year.

I just wondered where they all end up, can they be recycled/incinerated/landfill/etc.

Our bedding shop takes the old one away, cost is in the purchase price.

Otherwise torch it, they go to nothing.

These should help you choose BM.

The quick list

Best overall. Brook + Wilde Elite mattress. Best overall. ... 

Memory foam. Emma Original. Best memory foam. ... 

Firm feel. Simba Hybrid Pro mattress. Best firm mattress. ... 

Back pain. Levitex mattress. Best for back pain. ... 

Premium hybrid. Panda mattress. Best premium hybrid. ... 

Cheap mattress. Rem-Fit Pocket 1000. Best budget.



I don't think the neighbours would appreciate me burning a mattress in the street (it's not Toxteth)! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 

Maybe people see the ads for disposing of mattresses for £? then on TV we see where they get dumped.  In our beautiful countryside.

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