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melv16 | 21:17 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Home & Garden
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Has anyone on here grown the above?



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A possibly useful link, just in case it might help you, Melv:

Yes. It seems to die off every winter but sprouts again in the warmer weather. I keep it in a pot on the window sill.

The only way I've 'grown' it is when I've left it in a cool dark place and it sprouts. I would like to try it as a plant.

Yes, Mr BM did and it was very good!  Much better than the stuff you buy.

Spice of the devil

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'Spice of the devil'

A bit ironic that a Scot not liking ginger.😁

Food of the devil 

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Thanks for the replies. Going to give it a go in my new polytunnel,  the last one got destroyed in the gales😩

Buy a better quality polytunnel, Melv.

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I have tilly. The frame on the last one corroded and snapped...hence the collapse. After many emails I managed a 50% discount. Never, ever buy an Outsunny product!

I'm enjoying a cup of spiced ginger and lemon right now, well until my coffee order arrives.

I have though grown Cannas  which are related.

Not me, but my Ginger Inlaws have.

All the way to grandchildren.

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