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Silicon Lids

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barry1010 | 08:34 Sat 10th Jun 2023 | Home & Garden
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Just thrown yet another blerdy nearly full roll of clingfilm in the bin after wasting half an hour trying to unroll it.
I have seen stretchy silicon lids that will work in the microwave - are they any good? Durable, easy clean?


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Thanks, Hymie, is it heavy enough to stay on the bowl and not be pushed off by the expanding contents?
For the most part, the dome/diameter of the one I have is large enough not to touch any of the food on the plate, or in a bowl within the microwave.

Rather than buying on-line, take a tape measure to you local retailer and buy one the largest size your microwave will accommodate.

I don’t know why microwave manufacturers don’t supply such a thing as standard.
The one I have is just slightly smaller than the rotating glass plate diameter.
Get a cling film dispenser, works every time. If you stick to bacofoil cling film, easy to slot in. Just had to replace mine, the old one lasted at least 5 years before splitting. User Recommendation
We use the same as ubasses and it works a treat. Not very expensive if you get it from somewhere like the Range and cheap refills there as well.
Baco dispenser for us too. Not so easy to find these days , but QD sell them and refills.
Baco dispenser for us too. Marvellous bit of kit and they do one for aluminium foil too.
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Thanks all, plenty of choices suggested.
we got some of the silicon lids things. maybe me, but could't get them to fit like I wanted. Now in the back of the drawer, unused. I use a larger plate to cover bowls etc in the microwave now, not perfect but adequate for my requirements
Yep, something I can agree with Hymie on, I use those.

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Silicon Lids

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